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True Criterion of a Science’s Value

The value of any science in the world is determined by the value of its purpose. There is no such thing as a purposeless science. A science’s value is conditioned by its significance, by the usefulness and advantages it provides.

Consequently, if the value of a science is measured by the material benefit it brings, the disappearance of such a benefit in the future will certainly degrade this science’s value. Although a science itself has a considerable advantage over the purpose, as it always has a higher basis, it is estimated in accordance with its purpose. If the purpose is transient, then the science will disappear with it.

Value of Kabbalah

Based on the aforementioned, let’s clear up the significance of the science of Kabbalah:

  • Kabbalah engages in the attainment of the upper force’s rule over the created beings, and studies the establishment of the person’s contact with it. The science therefore relies on the upper force, the significance of which is hard to overestimate. Hence Kabbalah is also of inestimable value for the humanity;
  • Since the subject of Kabbalah is eternal existence, this wisdom is eternal; and
  • The person who studies Kabbalah deserves commendation, because the purpose of Kabbalah is to be in contact with the upper force (the best of all imaginable goals).

The Reason for a Small Number of Kabbalists

The main reason for such a small number of Kabbalists is that every novice wants to master this wisdom entirely and to reveal the Divine Providence as quickly as he possibly can. This requires knowledge indeed, but it is impossible to acquire it through the usual study of material, as is accepted in other sciences. The beginner should first of all learn the altruistic language, because the science of Kabbalah is written in it.

Attainment Comes as a Result of Effort

A mandatory requirement in all sciences maintains: In order to become a scientist in any sphere, one should make a serious effort in mastering the science. The attainment comes as a result of hard work.

Scientific Language

Every science uses its own language. Those who were the first to begin the study, defined the subject of the science and explained its essence in this language. Therefore, the purpose of a language is to serve as an intermediate link between the essence of the science and the student. The language of science holds remarkable opportunities: It can provide a laconic description and a very profound explanation.

Representatives of Science

The scientist engaged in scientific research does not care for material welfare. He uses his precious time to discover and invent and does not waste it in chase of life’s amenities. He chooses to disregard them in exchange for knowledge.

The ultimate earthly delight one can possibly imagine is recognition in the society. It is worth giving up all the other pleasures and making every effort to achieve this delight. The attention of the best representatives of every generation is riveted to it. We will stop at nothing to get it.

Representatives of the Science of Kabbalah

As long as recognition in the society has any value for a person, he is not ready to study the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is because he (like all those who seek material welfare) will waste time trying to win such recognition and his heart will be closed for the attainment of the upper force through the wisdom of Kabbalah.

From the aforesaid, it is clear that the conditions that are valid for any science can also be applied to Kabbalah. However, the science of Kabbalah requires from a student not only to depreciate material life, but in addition to that, the Kabbalist is obliged to devaluate recognition in the society.

Promotion of Science

It turns out that the representatives of a conventional science aspire to recognition. They take pains to present their science in such a way that it would be accepted by the popular masses. Everything gets promoted through the masses, because they constitute the core of the humanity. (This does not refer to the outstanding and selfless scientists, although even they are bound to advertise their sciences in order to receive appropriation for their development).

Concealment of the Wisdom of Kabbalah

The Kabbalists never tried to advertise their science in the society, because the person approaches this wisdom under compulsion of an inner call. Only then does he become ready to disregard.

  • The bodily desires;
  • Material welfare; and
  • The society’s recognition.

In the past, the Kabbalists never shared their method with the general public, because they believed that the science of revelation of the upper force can only be given to those who correctly understand it.

Otherwise the revelation of the essence of Kabbalah would deprive the society of the opportunity to enjoy dissipation, wealth, power and esteem that are so highly valued by it. As long as the public continues taking pleasure in:

  • Depravity;
  • Riches; and
  • Power and esteem (recognition in the society),

and is not ready to give them up, in exchange for establishing contact with the upper force, it should be allowed to do so, because by seeking pleasures people grow and develop, until they begin to aspire for the spiritual.

Therefore nowadays, when the society as a whole becomes disenchanted in the aforementioned delights, and is inwardly prepared to contact the upper force, the wisdom of Kabbalah reveals its essence and purpose to the general public.

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