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We know nothing about the Creator, except His will to create us and to give us the enjoyment. Upon His device, desire of enjoyment arose from nothing.

The Creator’s will of creation is called Keter (crown), since it surrounds like a crown his will to give us the enjoyment.

The creation of the Keter may be imagined as a vessel (Kli) ready to get the enjoyment, or the Creator’s light (Ohr). This point of the creation is called Hochma (wisdom) and the enjoyment filling the Kli is called Ohr Hochma (the Light of wisdom).

Since the desire of the enjoyment is the only human’s desire, the Creator directs us using it. In many countries in hot summer days we hear water-melon sellers driving cars or modest barrows and calling for buyers. Why these men work so hardly under the burning sun? The Creator gave them desire to bring enjoyment to their families, but thus they bring the enjoyment also to the others while selling juicy quenching fruit. Thus the light gives to the creature not only the enjoyment itself but also the ability to give the enjoyment to the others. But the creature (Kli) refuses to have this ability. The enjoyment from voluntary deny to receive (get) the light is called Ohr Hassadim. This stage of the development of the creature is named Bina.

But the life is impossible without the light (Ohr Hochma). And the new form of the creature (Bina) begins to receive some minimal portion of the light and hence is transformed into a new kind called Zeir Anpin. Further development of the creature brings a new desire to enjoy the light, and it beoomes a new object – Malchut (kingdom, it means kingdom of desire).

Hence there are the following stages of the creation and of the development of the creature ( Kli):

  1. KETER. The Creator’s will to create Kli and to bring it the enjoyment.
  2. HOHMA. Desire of enjoyment arisen from the light.
  3. BINA. Enjoyment not from the light but from its returning to the Creator.
  4. ZElR ANPIN (ZA). Receiving some portion of Ohr Hohma necessary for a normal life.
  5. MALHUT. Feeling the importance of or HohmaZA tries to become full of this light and thus turns into Malhut.

Malchut is the only real Kli (creature) because it desires itself to receive the entire enjoyment from the Creator. The previous forms are not real Kli, but onIy stages of its development. The Creator’s will is to create the Kli would like itself to enjoy His light. Malchut filled with the light is called Olam Ein Sof – the World of Infinity. The movement is change of desires giving birth to near creatures (Kli). The time is a chain from the cause (the primary desire) to the effect (the secondary desire). „The World Infinity” means a vessel full of enjoyment without any limit, i.e. unsatisfied desire. This is the condition of Kli of Malchut. Therefore, from the Creator’s point of view, Malchut is the completion of the program of Creation.

The aim of the Creation is to create a new thing the creature and to fill it with lmmense absolute enjoyment. Thus the Creator gave to the creature a great desire to receive the enjoyment.

„The will to receive” (Ratzon Lekabel – Heb .) may be imagined as a vessel (Kli) having capacity proportional to the capacity of the desire, and the enjoyment received – to the quantity of the light filling the vessel. The light coming from the Creator had existed as early as before the Creation. This light is an lntegral nature of the Creator. As for the desire to receive the enjoyment, the Creator himself hasn’t it, but gives it to the creatures. All the worlds are nothing but different forms demonstrating the desire to receive and to enjoy the Creator’s light.

All of us being parts of Kli–Malchut’s desire to receive food, warmth and other enjoyments as little portions of the light in our world. All of us are perfect from the Creator’s point of view, but we must go through a long way of lmprovement in order to feel the spiritual worlds.

Each creature has the only desire – to enjoy. Thus giving a program to a man, changing necessaries during his life, the Creator evokes certain actions; but it seems to the man as if he acts himself, upon his will and choice. When the man realizes the dependence of his behavior on desires of his body and begins to struggle against his body, he may get free of the desires of the body and to pass to the spiritual world, to live in accordance with the necessaries of his soul. The enjoyment is the result of filling the Kli by the light. There is only a littIe sparkle of spiritual light in our world. This sparkle named ner dakik may be found in different things, and that’s why these things attract us by enjoyments concealed there.

Possibility of enjoyment or of release of suffering. That’s the only motive power for all our thoughts and emotions. We can’t either think or act differently due to our egoistic nature. As for spiritual worlds, they consist of altruistic Kelim able to act despite their nature. lf a man realizes his own egoism as an evil bringing him nothing but suffering, he may ask the Creator to change his nature, i.e. to give him a power to be actually free.

All the desires of the creatures are in fact the only one – the desire for the light. The Creator rules us while ruling our desires. Realizing a lack of something, the Creater forces us to act and to strive for things lacking in our life. It’s said that „love and hunger rule the world”. It means that all the human’s actions are forced (determined). If the Creator would not give the mother enjoyment of suckling, the babies would starve. Nobody should move from his place, if not to seek for better conditions. The evolution, the progress, the spiritual search all of this reflects our inclination to find satisfaction of our desires.

As for the desires themselves, they are given us by the Creator upon the program of our development having its aim to leave us the absolute enjoyment. Kabbalah is necessary for mankind, because it deals with the purpose and plan of the Creation, with human recompense for rescue of egoism. Two powers of human development force man to look for the purpose – the suffering of the moment and the enjoyment expected in future. These two forces are like two locomotives pulling a heavily loaded train: the first ahead of the train, and the second one – from behind it. Upon the Creator’s will, the mankind will finally reach the state of absolute correction, meaning develop from egoism to altruism. And Kabbalah helps each of us to find our own way to this state.

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