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For a long time now I have felt responsible to give the public at large the true information about the wisdom of Kabbalah.

Prior to the appearance of the printing industry there were no books superficial in content, because there was no point in paying a substantial amount of money to a scribe for worthless merchandise. On the other hand, Kabbalists tried to conceal the wisdom of Kabbalah from those who had no real need for it. So if there appeared Kabbalistic books, they were quite genuine.

But with the invention of the printing press, the “book writing disease” spread throughout the world, and authors no longer had to hire a scribe’s expensive services to make copies of their compositions. Books fell in price, and a swarm of irresponsible writers could now “produce” books in pursuit of profit and recognition.

Consequently, there appeared all kinds of “experts”, each in his field, who indiscriminately printed whatever they wished in order to become rich and famous. Some of them even claim to be good judges; hence they dictate to the public what books should be read.

In recent decades, such “experts” have also set about to explain Kabbalah, not understanding that this knowledge can only be disclosed by someone who received it from an avowed Kabbalist.

However, money and fame are all these “experts” in Kabbalah are after. Therefore books whose authors never studied the genuine sources with a scholar in authority grow in numbers. These people write and publish their ignorant compositions while being totally unaware of the damage they cause for many generations to come.

Therefore, the perception of the truth by the public has been greatly corrupted. This has led to such frivolity of judgment that anyone who took the trouble to leaf through a Kabbalistic text, feels entitled to make conclusions about this wisdom that studies the concealed part of creation.

All of this has compelled me to reveal the true knowledge of Kabbalah to a wide circle of readers.

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