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What Is, He Swallowed Maror [bitter herb], He Will Not Come Out, in the work?

The meaning of Maror [bitter herb] is as it is written, “And they made their lives bitter with hard work,” by asking “Who?” and “What?” These questions caused them labor, for by wanting to overcome, yet not being able to, they tasted a bitter taste.

But we should explain their questions within reason, and naturally not feel bitterness in the work. He says that what the evil inclination asks is not questions, so he does not feel bitterness. It follows that he does not have Maror in the work, making him have to go above reason.

Now we can understand what our sages said, “If he swallows” the Maror “he will not come out.” The ARI says about this that Maror has the Gematria of Mavet [death], which is judgments. We should ask what it implies that Maror has the Gematria of Mavet. The thing is that the Maror we eat is a reminder that they made their lives bitter with hard work.

We should say that in the work, “hard work” means that it is difficult to overcome and emerge from self-benefit, and that he wants to work only for his own benefit. This is called “wicked,” who asks, “What is this work” of bestowal “for you?” What will you gain out of it? But it is known that “The wicked in their lives are called ‘dead.’”

It follows that hard work is called Maror, when a person tastes bitterness in having to work for his own sake. This is the intimation that Maror has the Gematria of Mavet and judgments, since there was a judgment on self-benefit that it is forbidden to use this Kli [vessel], and this is why there are restrictions and concealment there.

Now we will explain why we must chew—since we must feel the taste of bitterness.

Inapoi la pagina DARGOT PASSOVER – link

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