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He Who Comes to Defile

It is written in The Zohar (BeHaalotcha, Item 66): “He who comes to defile, meaning to see that he is impure, is defiled. That is, he is shown from above the dumbness of the heart, that the heart is impure, dead, as in “The wicked in their lives are called ‘dead.’’”

Conversely, one who regards oneself as whole and does not criticize one’s actions is righteous according to his understanding and belongs to the general public, whose work is in a manner of reward and punishment.

“Until they gain knowledge and acquire much wisdom,” while they are in a state of “still” and are searching for the truth, “they are shown that secret” of the meaning of Lishma [for Her sake]. Who reveals it to them? It comes from above. This is called “He who comes to purify is aided.”

It follows that one who is impure, who understands that he is impure, dead, as in “The wicked in their lives are called ‘dead,’” this is the first discernment. This is when he is on a “far away road,” namely he is shown from above that he is far from the path of truth and wants to escape the campaign until he invokes mercy. Hence, on First Passover, he is still not pure.

Passover is “left line,” meaning he is shown the secrets of Torah. “Right” is called “pure,” which is the state of Hesed [mercy/grace], when his work is in order to bestow. However, on Second Passover he repents, purifies himself with Hesed, meaning to bestow. At that time, he can be rewarded with Passover, which is the left line, Hochma.

Inapoi la pagina DARGOT PASSOVER – link

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