And He Blotted Out the Universe that Was Upon the Face of the Ground

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211) “And He blotted out the universe that was upon the face of the ground.” The text comes to include all those rulers who rule and the appointees over the earth, meaning the angels appointed over the nations of the earth, who were also blotted out. This is the meaning of “The universe that was upon the face of the ground.” When the Creator executes Din in the people of the world, He first passes to the appointees who govern them, and then to the dwellers of the world who dwell under the wings of their protection, as it is written, “The Lord will command the armies of above, above.” Subsequently, it is written, “And over the kings of the ground on the ground.”

212) How do the appointees go before Him if no death is applied to them? How does He remove them? He removes them with burning fire, as it is written, “For the Lord your God is a consuming fire.” The universe that was on them is the appointees of above. He took them through fire and with water, He blotted out the people of the world who were below them. This is why it is first written, “And He blotted out the whole universe,” and then it is written, “From man to beast,” and they were blotted out from the earth.

Only Noah and that which was with him in the ark remained. But it is in disapproval, for all that was left in the world were Noah and those who were with him in the ark.

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