And Lifted Up the Ark

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204) Woe to them, to the wicked, who are sinners and anger their Maker each day. With their sins they repel the Shechina from the earth and cause her to depart from the world. The Shechina is called Elokim [God] and it is written about her, “Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Your glory is over all the earth.”

205) “And lifted up the ark.” They rejected it outside. “So that it rose above the earth.” The ark, the Shechina, was not present in the world and departed from the world. Once she departed from the world, there is no one to watch over the world, and then the Din controls the world. And after the wicked of the world are blotted out and depart from it, the Shechina will restore her section in the world.

206) If the wicked that were in the earth during the ruin of the Temple have been blotted out, why did the Shechina not return to her place as before? It is because the rest of the righteous of the world did not remain in it. That is, those who remained after the ruin did not remain in the land of Israel but went to Egypt. But wherever Israel went into exile, the Shechina descended and placed her abode with them. And as the Shechina did not part from them in another foreign country, it would be even more so if Israel remained in the land of Israel; she would certainly return to them after the ruin.

207) They repel the Shechina with all the sins of the wicked of the world. One of them is he who corrupts his manner on the earth, for which he does not see the face of the Shechina and will enter the king’s palace. This is why it is written about them, “And they will be blotted out from the earth,” meaning they were blotted out from everything.

208) At that time, when the Creator revives the dead, all those dead who are outside the land, in the rest of the foreign countries, the Creator will establish them in their bodies as it should be. It is so because a bone remains in a person under the ground. That bone becomes as leaven in the dough, and on it the Creator will build the entire body.

209) The Creator will not give them souls, but only in the land of Israel, as it is written, “Behold, I will open your graves and raise you from your graves, My people, and I will bring you to the land of Israel,” since they will roll under the earth and will come to the land of Israel. After that it is written, “And I will put My spirit in you, and you will live, and I will place you in your land.” In the land of Israel, all the people of the world will receive souls, except for the generation of the flood, who have been defiled and who defiled the earth. It is written about those: “And they will be blotted out from the earth.” They will not rise at the revival of the dead, and they will not come to the land to receive souls. And although the first ones asked and disputed it, and said that they will rise at the revival of the dead, still, “They will be blotted out,” as it is written, “They will be blotted out from the book of the living,” meaning they will not be revived.

210) The generation of the flood has no part in the next world, as it is written, “And they will be blotted out from the earth.” But they will be revived in order to face the Din. It is written about them, “Many of those who are asleep in the dust will rise,” some to everlasting life, and some to disgrace and everlasting abhorrence.

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