Aza and Azael

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464) When the generations of Cain were walking in the world, they would equalize and smooth out the earth, and they were similar to the angels above and to people below. It is so because Cain was of the filth of SAM who came over Eve, and who was an angel, as well as from Adam’s semen. Because of the mightiness of Cain’s children, with their walking, they made the mountains and the valleys in the land into a plain. When Aza and Azael fell from their place of Kedusha from above, they saw the daughters of men and sinned with them, begetting children. They are as it is written, “The fallen ones were in the land in those days, and also afterwards, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men and bore children to them.”

465) Cain’s sons were the sons of the gods because when SAM came up on Eve, he cast filth in her and she conceived and bore Cain. Hence, his form was not similar to that of the rest of the people because he was an offspring of an angel. Likewise, all those who come from the side of Cain were called “children of the gods” because their appearance was that of angels, who are called “gods.”

466) Even the fallen ones, who are the sons of Aza, Azael and Naama, are called “children of the gods,” as well, as it is written, “They are the mighty ones,” indicating diminution, for only they are the mighty ones and not the first fallen ones who were in the earth, since they were 60, as the count of above, opposite VAKHGT NHY de ZA. It is written, “Those were the mighty ones who were from the world, men of renown.” It is also written regarding King Solomon, ZA, “Behold, it is the bed of Solomon; sixty mighty men around it.” Here, too, it is 60, but the first ones extend from VAK.

Also, “Those were the mighty ones who were from the world,” actually from the world, unlike the first fallen ones, who were Aza and Azael, who were from above the world. The world is the Nukva de ZA. Those fallen ones were established as the Merkava [assembly/chariot] of ZON and became part of the Nukva, who is called “world.”

467) “Actually from the world” means that they were given for a Merkava for the Nukva, whom the Creator took from the lower world. After they fell into the lower world, scrutinies were made of them, and those scrutinies connected into the Nukva’s Merkava. But the first fallen ones did not have anything of the lower world because they were angels in heaven, as it is written, “Remember Your Rachamim [mercy], O Lord, and Your Hassadim [kindnesses], for they are from the world,” meaning that the Creator took the Rachamim and Hassadim from the lower world to be a holy Merkava above, and they are the first patriarchs.

“Your Rachamim” are Jacob and “Your Hassadim” are Abraham, who rose from the lower world. They were rewarded with being a Merkava for ZON above because the patriarchs are the Merkava. Here, too, they are the mighty men that are from the world, who also rose from the lower world and connected above in the Merkava of ZON. “From the world” is Solomon’s bed, the Nukva, but from the Gevura, as it is written, “Behold, it is the bed of Solomon; sixty mighty men around it.” All of them, all sixty mighty men around Solomon’s bed are called “the children of the gods.”

468) When the Creator created the man, He created him in the Garden of Eden and commanded him seven Mitzvot [commandments]. He sinned in the tree of knowledge and was expelled from the Garden of Eden. Two angels of heaven, Aza and Azael, said to the Creator, “If we were in the earth, like the man, we would be righteous.” The Creator told them, “Can you overcome the evil inclination, which is governing on earth?” They said to Him, “We can.” Promptly, the Creator dropped them from heaven. When they came down to earth, the evil inclination entered them, as it was said, “And they took for them women.” They sinned and were uprooted from their Kedusha.

469) All the plantations, which are the Sefirot de ZON, were concealed, and fine Reshimot were in one place, in Malchut. Afterwards the Creator uprooted them from there and sent them elsewhere, to Bina, where they existed, meaning obtained their Moachs.

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