This Is the Book of the Generations of Adam

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470) “This is the book of the generations of Adam.” Three books open in the Nukva on Rosh Hashanah [New Year’s Day]: one of complete righteous, one of complete wicked, and one of intermediate. He explains only the one of complete righteous.

There is an upper book in NukvaBina, from whom comes everything. Writing, too, comes out from her.

There is a middle book in Nukva, which includes above and below, ZA, who includes Bina and Malchut together. It is called “the written Torah,” and it is Adam HaRishon from the four Behinot Adam in ABYA, Adam de Atzilut.

There is a third book in Nukva, called “The Generations of Adam,” an offspring of ZA, who is called Adam [man]. It is a book of complete righteous. It is written, “This is the book of the generations of Adam,” who is certainly a righteous, Yesod de ZA, bearing fruits.

The three books are three MochinRTS [RoshTochSof] that ZA gives to the Nukva: 1) Mochin from Bina, the upper book. 2) Its own Mochin, the middle book. 3) Mochin from its Yesod, the third book, the book of generations, since offspring come out from Yesod, and not from any Sefira. It is also called “The Book of the Righteous,” since Yesod is called “righteous.”

It is written, “On the day when God created man, He made him in the likeness of God.” It is so because then, once The Book of the Generations of Adam was revealed, everything was established above and below, and both of them existed in one order. That is, the order of existence, the elicitation of Mochin of the bottom world, Adam and Eve, is equal to the order of existence of the upper world, ZON.

“He created them male and female” is an abstruse phrase. He should have said, “He created them man and woman,” since one was included in the other—the female was included in the male—when they were created, since they were two Partzufim, and afterwards He sawed them off.

471) It is written, “A strong tower is the name of the Lord; the righteous will run in it and is high.” “Righteous” is as it is written, “The book of the generations of Adam,” who is running in that tower. It is the tower of David, Malchut. This is the meaning of “A strong tower is the name of the Lord,” and it is all one. A tower is the name of Malchut in Gadlut—a tower means Gadlut. There is a secret here—known to those of faith—in the combinations of names that emerge from the words, “A tower of strength.” This is certainly the book of generations, meaning the righteous Yesod, who makes offspring through the tower.

MemBetShin AyinVavYod MemYodTzadi etc., is a combination of 36 letters in twelve boxes, each box containing three letters. They come out from the verse, “A strong tower is the name of the Lord; the righteous and high will run in it,” the Lord is righteous.

In the length of the first column, MemBetShin GimelReishGimel DaletTzadiBet LamedKofHey, you find the four letters of Migdal [tower] in the initials. In the length of the second column, AyinVavYod VavVavHey ZayinDaletVav ShinVavHey, you find in the initials the four letters of Oz [strength] and the letter Shin from the word Shem [name]. In the length of the third column, Mem-Yod-Tzadi Yod-Tzadi-Dalet Hey-Yod-Yod Vav-Nun-Kof, you find four letters in the initials: Mem from the word Shem [name], and the letters YodHeyVav from HaVaYaH. You will find the bottom Hey of that HaVaYaH in the last letter in the name LamedKofHey.

You will find the words, “The righteous … will run in it,” in the middle letters of the boxes in the width of the columns. In the width of the first column, MemBetShin AyinVavYod MemYodTzadi, you will find two letters BetVav and the letter Yod from the word Yarutz “will run.” In the width of the second column, GimelReishGimel VavVavHey Yod-Tzadi-Dalet, you will find ReishVavTzadi [Rutz (run)] from “will run.” In the third column, DaletTzadiBet ZayinDaletVav HeyYodYod, you will find TzadiDaletYod from Tzadik [righteous]. You will find the Kof from Tzadik in the name LamedKofHey in the width of the last column, LamedKofHey ShinVavHey VavNunKof.

In the name ShinVavHey there is the Vav of VeNisgav [and high], and in the name VavNunKof in the last column there is a Nun of VeNisgav. At the ends of the words of the length of the first column you will find the letters ShinGimelBet of VeNisgav, and you will find the name HaVaYaH Tzadik [the Lord is righteous] at the ends of the words of the length of the second and third columns.

472) Of course they lowered a book for Adam HaRishon, and in it he knew and attained the upper wisdom. It is written about it, “This is the book of the generations of Adam.” That book comes to the children of the gods, the sages of the generation, and anyone rewarded with looking in it knows in it sublime wisdom. They look in it and attain in it, and that book lowered the owner of the secrets, Angel Raziel, to Adam HaRishon in the Garden of Eden, with three appointed angels before him, guarding the book lest the external ones get hold of it.

473) When Adam came out of the Garden of Eden he was still holding that book. When he came out, the book fled from him. He prayed and cried before his Master, and He returned the book to him as before so the wisdom would not be forgotten from the sons of Adam and they would engage to know their Master.

474) Also, Hanoch [Enoch] had a book, and that book was from the place of the book of the generations of Adam. That book is the wisdom because it was taken from the earth and became an angel in the heaven. It is written, “And he was gone because God had taken him,” and he was the youth. He was called “youth” everywhere, as it is written, “Hanoch [educate] the youth,” indicating that Enoch was a youth because he became a serving youth for Divinity.

475) All the upper secrets were given to him, and he gives and passes them to all who are worthy of them, and do the Creator’s mission. A thousand keys were given to him, and a hundred blessings he takes each day and unifies unifications for his Master. That is, the Sefirot of Hochma are a thousand, and the Sefirot of Bina are a hundred. Keys mean ways of extension. The keys of the wisdom were given to him, as well as a hundred blessings of Bina. The Creator took him from the world so he would delight Him on high.

476) From that was the book—called The Book of Enoch—given to him, since when the Creator took him, He showed him all those upper secrets and the secret of the tree of life inside the garden, its leaves and its branches. In his book, we see all the secrets, everything that God had shown him when He took him on high. Happy are those upper Hassidim [pious ones] to whom the upper wisdom is revealed, and from whom it is never forgotten, as it is written, “The secret of the Lord is to those who fear Him, and His covenant to let them know it.”

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