Drink Water from Your Cistern

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22) “Drink water from your cistern and liquids from your well.” A cistern is an empty place from which water does not flow. A well is water that is flowing out. However, everything—well and cistern—is all one place, the Nukva, the place to which the poor grip. When she is not connected with her husband, ZA, and she is poor, she is called a “cistern,” which does not have of its own except what is put in it. And who is it? It is the letter Dalet. And the Nukva, when separated from ZA, is called Dalet.

23) When she mates with ZA she becomes a well, which is flowing and fills from all sides. It is filled from the right line, from ZA, and from the middle line, from the souls of the righteous. When she is in Zivug with ZA, she is called the “bottom Hey,” which is filled from above and flows from below. She is filled from above, from ZA, the point of Holam, and flows from below, from the souls of the righteous, the point of Shuruk.

24) “Drink water from your cistern” is King David, of whom it is written, “Who will give me water to drink from the cistern of Bethlehem.” “Liquids” is Abraham, “from” is Jacob, who is in the middle, and “from” means from the middle. “Your well” is Isaac, who is called a “well of living water.” Thus, we find in this verse the holy Merkava from the patriarchs, and king David who joins them.

25) The craving of the Nukva for the male is only when he instills spirit into her and she raises MAN toward the upper MAD. So is the Assembly of Israel, Malchut. She does not evoke her craving for the Creator unless by the spirits of the righteous who enter her as MAN. At that time water flows out of her, being lights of Hassadim from the point of Hirik, which illuminate in her through the souls of the righteous, toward the water of the male, which are the lights of the right line with Mochin of the point of Holam, while her own self is the point of Shuruk.

All three Behinot [discernments]—HolamShurukHirik—become one passion, one bundle, and one knot. This is the desire of everything, and it is the stroll that the Creator takes with the righteous in the Garden of Eden. They are regarded as five Behinot made of the three BehinotHolamShurukHirik—and they are five Behinot Mochin called NRNHY. Passion is the light of Nefesh; bundle is the light of Ruach; knot is the light of Neshama; the desire of everything is the light of Haya; and the stroll that the Creator takes with the souls of the righteous is the light of Yechida.

26) All those are the generations of the Garden of Eden, the Nukva de ZA who clothes upper Ima, who is then called the Garden of Eden. Her offspring are the souls that do not come from the righteous, Yesod de ZA, unless when he enters the ark, the Nukva, in one connection, and all the offspring she receives from the righteous are concealed in her for some time, and then they are born and emerge from her.

Here, too, “Noah was a righteous man”; he did not elicit offspring that would multiply in the world until he entered the ark and everything gathered inside of it. They were concealed in it for some time, then emerged from it to multiply in the world and exist in the earth. Had they not emerged from the ark, they would not exist in the world.

27) It is all done as above. From the ark, Nukva, they emerged above. And from Noah’s ark they emerged below. Now the world exists and not before, which is why it is written, “And liquids from your well.” It is also written, “And Noah begot three sons.” This means that “Liquids from your well” applies to the Zivug of the upper righteous and the ark, which comes in three lines—Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. “Liquids” is Abraham; “from” is Jacob; and “your well” is Isaac. It is likewise with Noah and the ark. “And Noah begot three sons,” which are also three lines: Shem is the right line; Cham is the left line; and Yefet is the middle line, since Noah and the ark below are completely similar to the righteous and the ark of above.

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