Fifth Palace, Gevura

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21) In the fifth palace are all those of complete repentance, who repented their sins, and who have been redeemed from them, meaning who made repentance from love and their sins became as merits. Then they were redeemed from the sins they sinned because they were given additional merits because of them, and their souls went out in purity. Also, all those who sanctified the name of their Master, who took upon them devotion in His honor, are also in this palace.

At the palace door stands Menashe, King of Judah, who made complete repentance for his sins, and the Creator accepted his repentance and dug him a digging under the throne to receive him. That is, He hid him—as if inside a digging—from the eyes of the slanderers so they would not slander him. This is the NHY of that palace.

22) Inside the NHY of that palace are those with immense repentance, who grew stronger in their repentance until their souls went out, out of rancor for their bad deeds, and they delight each day in the upper Eden. This is the HGT in that palace. Three times a day the light enters that palace in which the souls are refined, each as befits it. Those three times are the three lines on which the lights of GAR are drawn in that palace.

Each is burned by the light of the other’s canopy, whether below or above, whether in the lower palaces or in the upper palaces. The merit of the righteous is not the same for all. Each has his own canopy, and one cannot touch the canopy of the other who is higher than him because he will be burned by it as though he had touched fire.

23) That palace stands above all those lower palaces, and even complete righteous in the lower palaces cannot enter that palace and attain it. That palace, Gevura, is a higher degree than all the palaces, except for the degree of the Hassidim [pious], the palace of Hesed [mercy], which is the highest degree of all, even more than that palace of Gevura.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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