Sixth Palace, Hesed

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24) That palace is the palace of the Hassidim, whose quality is “What’s mine is yours; what’s yours is yours,” meaning to bestow and to not receive. That palace is superior to all the palaces because the degree of Hesed is the highest of the six Sefirot HGT NHY. This is a palace that stands above all the palaces. It is impossible to be rewarded with this palace prior to being completed in all the degrees in the palaces below. It is considered as though it were supported and standing atop their degrees.

It is the palace of the right because the degree of Hesed is regarded as the right line, and there is no one to attain it except those holy Hassidim, and all those who love their Master with great love. At the door of the palace stand all those who make unifications for their Master each day, who extend each day the revelation of His uniqueness from Ein Sof to the Sefirot and to all the worlds. They are the first to rise from there to higher palaces, who first rise to the Hassidim in that palace. This is considered NHY in that palace.

25) Above that door, above the lights of NHY, stands Abraham, the Creator’s right, Hesed. By another door stands Isaac, who was tied on the altar, and who was a complete offering before the Creator. He is Gevura. By another door inside the palace stands Jacob, a whole man, with the 12 tribes surrounding him and Divinity atop them, and the lights of HGT in that palace, since Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are HGT.

26) When Israel are in trouble, the three fathers awaken and evoke Divinity to protect Israel. Then Divinity rises and is crowned above, receiving GAR, which are called “crowns,” and she protects Israel. It is so because Divinity cannot protect Israel until she obtains Mochin de GAR, and by the awakening of the fathers, HGT. That is, by HGT de ZA rising and becoming HBD, they extend GAR to Divinity.

Here are lights of GAR of the palace. As there are palaces in the lower Garden of Eden, there are corrected palaces in the upper Garden of Eden. These are the faith, Malchut, since Malchut in completeness is called “faith,” and each palace is considered Malchut.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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