First Section, Yesod

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40) The first section below, the bottom section—the second of Yesod, the first when you begin to count from the bottom—is a place of darkness that does not illuminate. It is established with sections for spirits and makers of Din [judgment] and strong stormy winds. These are three kinds of Klipot, one stronger than the other. They are in the first Klipa of the four Klipot of stormy wind. These Klipot are invisible, possessing neither light nor darkness, and are completely amorphous.

Nothing is known there, in that place, as there is no form at all in that imprint. Although there are three Klipot in that section, they are visible to no one, and neither light nor darkness nor any form can be perceived in them. However, there is necessarily some imprint in them, but in that place there is no form in the imprint that suffices for perception. Hence, they are completely unknown.

That first section corresponds to Tohu in the verse, “and the earth was Tohu.” It was said in The Zohar that Tohu is a place without colors or forms, nor is it included in a form at all. Now it is with a form, but when scrutinizing it, it has no form at all. Therefore, it was said here that in this section, too, which corresponds to Tohu, there is no one to know of the existence of the Klipot. It seems that there are Klipot there, but when approaching to look at them, no form is seen there at all.

41) There is an angel appointed over that place, whose name is Tahariel. Along with Angel Tahariel are 70 flying appointees that are erased by flickers of flames above them. Some of them do not exist, some exist but are invisible, and some are visible but when approaching to look at them they are gone.

At morning time they are all renewed. But they do not persist because when they arrive at that place they are lost and are absent because they enter a hole in the abyss, and are invisible because when the night darkens, they are erased by the flames until morning.

It is written, “His kingdom rules over all.” Malchut de Atzilut illuminates a tiny candle for the Klipot to sustain them. This is why their place in this section has been rooted, in the last section of the externality of Malchut, the lowest place that exists.

However, an angel of the side of Kedusha [holiness] has been appointed over them, and he is called Tahariel, after his work. His work is to subdue the Klipot and guide them so they do not damage the Kedusha too much, but properly serve it, since the peel precedes the fruit. It follows that it eventually consumes and erases the Tuma’a [impurity] of these Klipot, bringing purification to the worlds. This is why he is called, Angel Tahariel, from the words Tahara [purity] of El [God].

He has seventy appointees whose role is to extend the vitality and sustenance to the Klipot in that section. But those appointees do not persist. Rather, they are created and then burn out because being the channels of existence to the Klipot, they must be as transitory as they are, and have no part in eternity.

Thus, they burn when approaching Malchut to receive abundance for the Klipot, and when flying to receive abundance, they are erased by the sparks and flickers of the flames on them, from that River Dinur [river of fire] above them in the third section.

Also, they divide into three thirds, RTSKHBHGTNHY. It was said about NHY that they do not exist because when they arrive at that place they disappear completely since the majority of Dinim (judgments) is in the NHY of the Klipot, hence their channels must be utterly destroyed so they cannot receive anything from them.

It was said about their HGT that they are absent because they enter a hole in the abyss. That is, they can be seen, but when approaching to look at them they are gone because they have entered a hole in the abyss, the female of Tohu, and there is no dominance so as to see her. Also, the male is called Tohu, and Nukva is called Tehom [abyss].

It was said about their HBD that they are invisible because when the night darkens they are erased by those flames. That is, they are present but are not, since they are erased by the flickers of flame on them.

When morning comes they are all renewed, all three Behinot NHYHGTHBD. When approaching to receive abundance, the three Dinim settle on them once more, NHY promptly disappear, HGT hide in the abyss, and HBD are erased and cannot be seen.

So it goes each day repeatedly. In this manner the force of the Klipot in that section is significantly reduced, and they are fit for their role to serve the Kedusha, since the Klipa [sin. for Klipot] precedes the fruit.

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