Sixth Section, Hesed

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50) The sixth section is close to the kingdom of heaven, the inner Malchut, called kingdom of heaven. It contains ships, rivers, and streams that divide and set out from the water. Malchut is called “sea,” ships are Mochin de GAR, rivers are HGT, and streams are NHY.

Three illuminations pour out of Malchut—sea, for the sixth section, which is closest to it. These are HBDHGTNHY. Although all the sections are only VAK, they are still divided into three Behinot because in VAK, too, there is GAR that is attributed to them.

Several fish, who are angels, and which extend from three Behinot, move about in the rivers and streams to the four directions of the world. Ministers are appointed over them, and one appointee, Oriel, is appointed over all the lower angels in that section.

He is appointed over those angels that come from the west, the last in the four directions. The four directions are HG TM, and the direction of the west is Malchut. Hence, the angels in that direction are the lowest in degree compared to the angels in the rest of the directions—south, north, and east—which are HG and Tifferet.

51) At those moments and times when the ships travel, all the angels move to this side and to that side, meaning to the side where the ships are going. When the ships go south, the appointee over them on that side is Michael, who extends from the right, Hesed. When the ships go north, the appointee standing over them on that side is Gabriel, who extends from the left, Gevura, since the four directions—south, north, east, and west—are HB TM, and in VAK they are HG TM. This is why Michael is on the south and Gabriel is on the north.

When the ships go east, the appointee standing over them there is Raphael, who is to the right, leaning toward Hassadim. And when the ships go west, the appointee standing over them on that side is Uriel. He is the last, as it is written, “They shall go last,” since west is the last of the four directions.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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