Fifth Section, Gevura

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48) The light of the fifth section illuminates more than every section preceding it. There are angels in it—some are angels of fire, Din, and some are angels of water, Rachamim. Sometimes they are in Rachamim, when predominance is given to the angels of water, and sometimes they are in Din, when predominance is given to the angels of fire. These are on the right side, and those are on the left side. The angels of fire are on the left, and the angels of water are on the right.

Sometimes these illuminate and the others are dark. Both angels of Rachamim and angels of Din are appointed to sing to their Master—these at midnight, and those at daybreak, since the angels in that section are in the wholeness befitting them,—both angels of Rachamim and angels of Din. Therefore, they both sing, the angels of Din at midnight, and the angels of Rachamim at daybreak.

There is an appointee over them, whose name is Kodshiel, from the words, Kodshey El [sanctities of God], since his role is to extend the Kedusha from here to the lower ones.

49) At midnight, when the night is halved and the north wind awakens, and the Creator comes to play with the righteous in the Garden of Eden, the north wind knocks and comes to those appointed on singing at midnight, and they all sing and open the singing to the lower ones, so they can sing, as well.

Explanation: Night is MalchutNukva de ZA. There is mitigation from Bina in it because Malchut is not constructed before it is mitigated in Bina. Hence, two Behinot [discernments] are discerned in Malchut: 1) its own essence, which is Din, the quality of the first half of the night; 2) its inclusion in BinaMidat ha Rachamim [quality of Rachamim], the second half of the night.

Therefore, at midnight, the north wind awakens, a Ruach [“wind” but also “spirit”] from Bina, called “north,” since south and north are HB, and this Ruach mitigates Malchut. Now first, Malchut receives the Katnut of Bina, and the north wind, Bina, blows and knocks on Malchut, night. It is so because the illumination of Katnut is considered knocking. Then it comes to those appointed over the singing at midnight, when the Gadlut arrives from Bina to Malchut and to the angels extending from her.

Through the Mochin that come to them they sing, and as the morning rises, near the morning light, in the twofold darkness that falls at the end of the night, near daybreak, she mates with the morning light. At that time all the other angels sing, angels of water on the right side. At that time all other angels, all the angels of fire on the left side, assist them because singing is considered left.

This is why the angels of the right need assistance from the angels of the left, so they can sing, as it is written, “When morning stars sing together and all the sons of God will cheer.” It points to all the angels whatsoever—both angels of water and angels of fire, as they all sing together until Israel below begin to sing and praise after them.

These angels are more important than Israel because they are from Chazeh and above of the sections. Hence, Israel receive from them the strength to sing. But the angels from Chazeh and below of the sections are to the contrary: they cannot extend their singing until Israel below, in this world, begin to sing. Because these angels are from Chazeh and below, as are Israel, they are of lower merit than Israel and require receiving strength from Israel in order to continue their singing.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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