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293) Because it is written, “The sons of Noah … were,” why is it written, “Who came out of the ark? Can it be that he had other children, who did not come out of the ark?

294) Indeed, because his sons begot sons, as it is written, “These are the generations of the sons of Noah,” but they did not come out of the ark. This is why it is written, “Who came out of the ark were Shem, Cham, and Yefet.”

295) Rabbi Shimon said, “If I were in the world when the Creator placed the book of Enoch [Hanoch] and the book of Adam in the world, I would exert that they would not be among people because at the time, all the sages were not fearful of looking in them and erred—misinterpreting the literal meaning of the words as other things—and brought them out of the domain of the upper one of Kedusha into another domain, which is not holy. But now, all the sages of the world know things and hide them, not revealing the secrets, and grow stronger in the work of their Master. This is why now it is permitted to engage in the secrets.”

296) I found that verse of the sons of Noah who came out of the ark in the secret of secrets. When the joy that is over all the joys awakened, the hidden, blocked one, Bina, when she rose to Rosh AA, and turned there into Hochma, at that time a tiny light illuminated from the reason of reasons, AABina could receive only a tiny light from AA because of the absence of Hassadim. This is why Bina was concealed and blocked.

For this reason, Bina awakened and received into her the illumination of the three lines. The joy that is over all the joys illuminated to the right line with the upper anointing oil, the illumination of HassadimHolam. She illuminated to the left line with the joy of the good wine, the illumination of HochmaShuruk. She also illuminated to the middle line, Hirik, with the joy of the two lines—right and left—because RuachZA, awakened and came in the middle line of Bina, from whom comes the point of Hirik and the middle line. That Ruach of the left line rose and was placed into the Ruach of the right line, then the three lines of Bina were mingled in one another.

297) ZA clings to Bina, and the three lines of Bina enter and become three lines in ZA. From the three lines in ZA comes out one, a covenant, Yesod, and the Nukva is attached to the covenant. Afterward the ascending Ruach passes from him, Ruach of the left line, and the Nukva is impregnated by him, where the left line passes from ZA and is given to the Nukva.

Subsequently, when the Nukva is placed in the two lines of ZA, when she receives Hassadim from the right, Ruach clung to RuachZA with the Nukva, and the Nukva is impregnated with three sons. At that time three sons emerge from Noah and the ark, the three upper lines. They are the ones who came out of the ark: Shem, Cham, and Yefet. Shem is on the right side, Cham is on the left side, and Yefet is crimson, the middle line that includes them.

Here Rabbi Shimon explains the meaning of Shem, Cham, and Yefet emerging from the ark. He indicates that they are the actual three lines in Bina that have hung down to ZA, and from ZA to Nukva, the ark. These are Shem, Cham, and Yefet, who were born and emerged from the ark. First, he explains how Bina was in the illumination of the left line, receiving only a tiny light from AA. Subsequently he explains that through Ruach, which is the middle line that rose to BinaBina illuminated in three lines. The three lines of Bina emerge from one, from ZA, therefore the one, ZA, is rewarded with the three of them. And three enter in three, for because ZA caused the illumination of the three lines in Bina, he, too, was rewarded with them.

Afterward, one line emerged out of the three of ZA—the covenant. The Nukva is also attached to the covenant, Yesod, as a point under the Yesod. Then the Nukva is built—first from the left line of ZA, and then from all three lines. She mates with him like Noah and the ark, then she received the drop of Zivug that consists of the three lines of ZA. These three lines are Shem, Cham, and Yefet. Thus, these three lines that emerged from Bina are the ones who hung down and came to ZA, from ZA they came to the Nukva, the ark, and from the ark they were born and came to the world. This is why the text makes in regard to them the precision of saying, “The sons of Noah who came out of the ark were…”

298) Cham is the father of Canaan. Canaan is the filth of gold that is under the waste, which sings inside the pot of gold during the fusion. It is the awakening of the spirit of Tuma’a of the primordial serpent, since Cham is the left line, gold. Canaan is his waste and he is considered the primordial serpent. This is why the text makes the precision to say, “Cham is the father of Canaan,” the same Canaan who brought curses upon the world. It is the same Canaan who was cursed, the same Canaan who darkened the faces of people, the serpent who seduced Eve and brought curses upon the world, and it was cursed and darkened the faces of people, who brought death upon the creatures.

299) This is why only Cham was an exception. It is written about him, “Cham is the father of Canaan,” indicating that force of the serpent that darkened the world. It is not written under that rule, “Shem is the father of so and so,” or “Yefet is the father of so and so.” Rather, it immediately jumps and says, “Cham is the father of Canaan.” It is indeed as was said; it is telling us that the left line, Cham, is the father of the primordial serpent, Canaan.

300) For this reason, when Abraham came it is written, “And Abram passed through the land … And the Canaanite was then in the land.” It is so because at that time there was still no existence to the patriarchs, to the Mochin that they extended to the Nukva, called Eretz [land], and the seed of Israel has not come to the world so that the name of Canaan would exit the land and the upper, holy name, Israel, would enter it.

Eretz [land] is Nukva de ZA. As long as the patriarchs did not correct her with three lines, she was only as a left line, gold, from which the waste of gold extended, the primordial serpent, Canaan, as it is written, “And the Canaanite was then in the land.”

When Israel were righteous and extended the three lines to the Nukva, who mated with ZA, Israel, at that time the land is called “the land of Israel,” after Israel below who corrected her, and after ZA, husband. When Israel were not rewarded and left the Nukva in the left line, in which there is waste, called Canaan, the Eretz is called “the land of Canaan.”

301) This is why it is written, “And he said, ‘Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be to his brethren,’” since he was the primordial serpent, who brought curses on the world. It is written about the serpent, “Cursed are you more than all the beasts.” For this reason, he cursed him now, too, “Cursed be Canaan,” and “A servant of servants shall he be to his brethren,” since the beasts are man’s servants. And because he was even worse and more cursed than any beast, he is the servant of servants.

This is why it is written there about Shem, Cham, and Yefet, “These three sons of Noah,” who came out of the ark, which are the three lines, where the Nukva, called “ark,” received them from ZA and was impregnated by them, and elicited them out to the world.

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