These Three Sons of Noah

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302) These three sons of Noah are the persistence of the entire world. Persistence means the Mochin of the Nukva, called “world.” They are the persistence of the upper one, the Mochin in Bina, and from these the whole earth dispersed, for all the souls of people come from them because they are the three upper colors in Bina, the three lines.

These three lines were initially established in the upper Bina, and then ZA received them and imparted them to the Nukva. The Nukva gave birth to Shem, Cham, and Yefet, from whom the rest of the people of the world spread out. That is, all the Mochin come from them.

When the river that stretches out of Eden, Zeir Anpin, watered the garden, the Nukva [female], it watered her by the power of these three upper lines from the upper Bina, and from there the colors spread—white, red, and black. These are the three lines of below of the Nukva, each included in the other, to show that the glory of the Creator spreads above, in Bina, and below, in Malchut, and it is one in the upper ones and in the lower ones.

303) These three colors are in all the Mochin that come from the side of Kedusha. From their appearance, Malchut, who is an appearance that consists of the three colors, they spread to all who come from the side of the other spirit. Shem, Cham, and Yefet are the three lines of the Mochin de Kedusha, so how did all the people of the world spread from them, even the wicked? They spread from the appearance of three lines, from Malchut, as it is written, “And His kingship [Malchut] rules over all.” Even the Sitra Achra exists through her, although there is no suckling in the three lines themselves but only to the side of Kedusha.

And when you look in the degrees you will find how the colors spread to all those sides, right, left, and middle, until they enter Malchut below, through twenty-seven channels of the doors that cover the deep.

The letters extend from Bina, come to ZA, and are completed in the Nukva. When they extend from Bina to ZA, they number twenty-two letters emanated in the three lines: seven letters on the right line, seven letters on the left line, and eight letters on the middle line, which are twenty-two letters. It follows that from the actual three lines, only twenty-two letters are extended. But when they are extended to Malchut, which is HG [Hey (five) Gevurot] the [final] letters MANTZEPACH [MemNunTzadiPehChaf] that come at the end of the word came out of them, and their number became twenty-seven letters.

When you look at the three lines that extend through the degrees from Bina to Malchut you will find that the colors separate into the actual three sides that became twenty-two letters until we go down and enter Malchut, which is an appearance of three colors. There they become twenty-seven letters, with the five letters MANTZEPACH of Malchut, which are twenty-seven pipelines that bring the abundance to her, and from which doors were made in order to cover the Dinim in Malchut, which are called “deeps.”

304) All this is known to the high sages. Happy are the righteous whose glory the Creator desires and to whom He revealed the high secrets of the wisdom. It is written about them, “The counsel of the Lord is to those who fear Him, and His covenant to let them know.”

305) “The Lord is my God; I will extol You; I will thank Your name for You have done wonders, counsels from afar, steadfast faith.” People should indeed regard the glory of the Creator and praise His glory because anyone who knows how to praise his Master properly, the Creator does his wish. Moreover, He multiplies blessings above and below.

306) For this reason, one who knows how to praise his Master and unify His name is favored above and coveted below, and the Creator is praised by him. It is written about him, “And will say unto me, ‘You are My servant, Israel, in whom I am glorified.’”

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