Third Palace, Netzah

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57) The third palace is Netzah. It contains one spirit, Adarniel, who stands over the souls of those who repented but did not repent, meaning who contemplated repenting, but died before they actually repent.

Therefore, the angel appointed over them is called Adarniel, from the words, Hedrina El, which means remorse and repentance, as he is appointed over the souls of these penitents. They are punished in Hell, then they are admitted to that spirit, who accepts them. They desire to enjoy the brightness of the glory of their Maker but they cannot enjoy.

It was explained in the second palace, the souls of infants, that once they were not rewarded with GAR they rise to receive correction in the second palace. Although they died and did not taste the taste of sin, but some prolonged their days, meaning that they began to be rewarded with GAR and did not die in Katnut, but sinned. And although they contemplated repenting right away, they did not have time to complete their repentance and died.

These souls are first punished in Hell, then rise to the palace of Netzah, where they obtain a great desire to enjoy the brightness of the glory of the Creator, but they cannot enjoy there except on Sabbath and beginnings of months.

These souls are called “children of flesh.” It is written about them, “And it shall be from new moon to new moon … all flesh will come to bow down before Me.” They are called “children of flesh” because the ten Sefirot have many names. HGT are called MochaAtzamotGidin, and NH are called “flesh and skin.” And since the souls are the offspring of the palace Netzah, they are called “children of flesh,” since flesh is Netzah.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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