Third Section, Netzah

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44) The third section in the seven sections of the upper Eretz is a place of flames and pillars of smoke. There the stream of the river of fire leaps out; it is the origin of the river of fire, which is the crematorium for the souls of the wicked, from which the fire descends over the heads of the wicked.

That is, from that section, the fire descends over the heads of the wicked who sit below, in Hell. Because the fire comes out from that section and descends to Hell, it is called the “crematorium,” and there dwell the harm-doing angels that hammer them in Hell.

45) Sometimes there are slanderers of Israel there, to stray them from the good path, except when Israel take cure to repel them, at which time they cannot harm them. Also, they have an appointee over them from the left side.

All the angels there come from the side of the darkness. It is written about that section, “And darkness was on the face of the abyss,” since the first section is Tohu, the second section is Bohu, and the third section is darkness on the face of the abyss. Also, wicked SAM is there, in that section.

It follows that in the third section, Netzah, there is not a spark of corrected illumination. Rather, it is all fire, smoke, the river of fire, and the crematorium for the wicked, for harm-doing angels, and for wicked SAM. In the lower section, the second one—Hod—are the upper angels. And once Israel begin to sing, a great illumination reaches them. Then they sing, too, and make three Kedushot [pl. of Kedusha] there.

We should understand—it is always so that anyone who is higher than his friend is infinitely more important, too. But here it is to the contrary: the upper section is far worse than the section below it. The thing is that the difference between Netzah and Hod is as between GAR and VAK. It is known that one of the prime corrections established in the world of Tikkun [correction] was the concealment of inner AVI, the concealment of illumination of GAR de AB so they would not illuminate prior to the end of correction.

But those sections are VAK de Malchut of the ten outer Sefirot of Malchut de Atzilut, left, except that by Israel’s raising of MAN during the engagement in Torah and good deeds, they receive their correction from ZA de Atzilut. At that time the Mochin de AB are drawn to them, which correct the left, as well, since the left cannot be corrected by less than them.

However, since the GAR de AB are not drawn throughout the 6,000 years, it follows that all those Mochin that are drawn by Israel’s MAN illuminate and are received only in the section of the Hod, where there is reception of VAK, but not at all in the section of Netzah, in which there is reception of the GAR. Hence, the section of Netzah remains without any illumination of Mochin.

Moreover, there lies the root of all punishments. The root of all punishments is the sin of the tree of knowledge, and that sin was that SAM, who was riding the serpent, seduced Adam and Eve to extend Mochin de GAR de AB to the section of Netzah, of which it was said that it is all fire and smoke. And also, wicked SAM was in that section—the root of all evil—who seduced Adam and Eve with the tree of knowledge.

But the palace below it, the second palace, Hod, receives its correction from the complete by the MAN of Israel, as it receives only VAK de AB, which is its own Behina [essence/discernment]. Their saying Kedusha three times a day indicates that they receive the Mochin in three lines—right, left, and middle—which are three Kedushot, and extend only Mochin de VAK de AB, which are completely sufficient for Hod.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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