Fourth Section, Tifferet

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46) The fourth section is the place that illuminates. A light shines there for the upper angels from the right side, and they begin to sing and conclude it. They do not go and become idle due to the singing, as do the first ones, in the first section, who begin to sing and burn, who pass through a burning fire and in the morning they are renewed as before. But those angels that are here remain in their places and are not cancelled because these are angels of Rachamim who never change.

In other words, they do not burn as the first ones because they are made of light of Rachamim, from the level of Hassadim above the Chazeh, which is received there from Bina, as it is written, “Because he desires mercy,” right. They never change to receive from the lights of the left, hence there is no Din in the world that can control them. This is why they can conclude their singing and not burn.

47) It is written about those angels, “He makes his angels into winds,” and they carry out their missions in the world without being seen by people. They are seen only in a vision or in some other manner, by close observation.

When the angels that are from Chazeh and below carry out their mission in the world, they dress in clothing of this world and are seen by people. When the angels, emissaries of the Creator, come down to this world, they are wrapped and wrap themselves in a body similar to this world, and they have proximity with people.

But the angels in the fourth section, Tifferet, from Chazeh and above, do not clothe in clothing of this world because they are spirits from the Chazeh and above, while this world is from Chazeh and below. Hence, they are not seen by people because they have no proximity to them, except when they attain them in a manner of vision or in some other manner by close observation.

The Zohar also distinguishes between them, as it is written, “Let birds fly over the earth.” “Let birds fly” is upper emissaries, angels who seem like people, in the similitude of people. It is construed from what is written, “Let birds fly over the earth,” indicating that they have the image of the people of the earth, since there are other angels, who appear as actual spirits, according to the conceptual perception of people.

There is one appointee over them, whose name is Padahel, from the words Padah El [God redeemed], since those who are granted raising MAN to that section through their good deeds receive the lights of Hassadim through that angel. And even if they must die they are redeemed and do not die. This is why the angel is called Padah El, as it is written, “And the people redeemed Jonathan and he did not die.”

The keys of Rachamim [mercy] are open in that palace to those who repent and return to their Master. They open with gates with them, to pass through them their prayers and requests, since the gates of prayer open only by extending GAR to the Shechina. These repented ones, who extended GAR to the Shechina through their repentance, obtain the keys of Rachamim therefore, to open the gates of prayer, and they are granted all that they ask and pray for from the Creator.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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