This Is the Book of the Generations of Adam

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358) “This is the book of the generations of Adam.” It is only for forms, for souls, in which all the souls from the generations of Adam were written. The Creator showed Adam HaRishon the forms of the souls of all the generations that were to come to the world, and of all the sages of the world and the kings of the world that were to rise in Israel.

Adam HaRishon came to see David, king of Israel, who was born and died for he did not have years of life. He said to the Creator, I will give him seventy of my years. So seventy years were deducted from Adam HaRishon and the Creator gave them to David.

359) David praised that and said, “For You, O Lord, have made me glad by Your work; I will sing at the works of Your hands.” Who caused me joy in the world, to live and rejoice? Adam HaRishon caused me that, and he is Your work, and not the work of flesh and blood. That is, he is the work of the Creator and not of people, he was not born from people, but is a creation of the Creator’s hands.

This is why Adam HaRishon was missing these seventy years from the thousand he had had to live. He was told, “For in the day that you eat from it you will surely die.” A day of the Creator is a thousand years. Therefore, he had a thousand years to live. But he lived 930 years, missing seventy years. It is because he gave them to David, who did not have life.

360) The Creator showed him the sages of each and every generation until he reached the generation of Rabbi Akiva. He saw his teachings and rejoiced. He saw his death, that he was killed by the evil kingdom, and was saddened. Adam HaRishon started and said about him, “How precious are Your friends to me, O God; how great are their heads.”

361) The book of the generations of Adam is an actual book. When Adam was in the Garden of Eden, the Creator brought down to him a book by Angel Raziel, who is appointed over the high and holy secrets.

Sublime engravings were carved in the book, the engravings from the ascent of Malchut to Bina. Holy wisdom [Hochma] and seventy-two kinds of wisdom were clarified by it. That is, holy wisdom, which is clarified at the time of Gadlut, is 72 kinds of wisdom, which imply only to Bina that returned to being Hochma, and not actual Hochma.

It is dispensed to 670 engravings of the upper secrets, meaning to ZA and his NukvaZA, who is HGT NHYM, receives 600 from HGT NHY de Bina, whose digits are hundreds. The Nukva receives only seventy to her HGT NHYM, where each Sefira is only ten because it receives from ZA, whose digits are only tens.

362) In the middle of the book is an engraving from Hochma. This is a middle point, whose engraving is not filled prior to the end of correction, which is ready to know 1,500 keys by it at the end of correction. They were not given to the holy upper ones during the 6,000 years, since now they appeared in the upper Partzufim, which are ZON, only VAK de GAR, which are 1,500 keys.

It is so because in GAR de Hochma each Sefira is 1,000, so they are 3,000. Half of the degree, which is VAK, is 1,500. The missing 1,500 will be revealed at the end of correction on the Zivug of the middle point that was concealed in Atik. This is why it was said that it is ready to know 1,500 keys, meaning at the end of correction. But now they were not given to the upper holy ones, and this was clarified in the portion, Beresheet [In the Beginning], where they are called 1,500 cubits, and here, 1,500 keys, but they are one and the same.

All the secrets were concealed in the book before the arrival of Adam HaRishon. When it came to Adam HaRishon, the upper angels gathered around him to listen and to know them. They would say, “Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Your glory is over all the earth.”

363) At that time the holy angel Hadarniel hinted to him and said, “Adam, hide the glory of your Master and do not disclose to the angels, for no one was given permission to know the glory of your Master but you, not even the upper angels.” That book was concealed and hidden with him until Adam departed from the Garden of Eden.

364) Initially, he would read in it and use each day the secrets of his Master. The upper secrets that the upper angels did not know were revealed to him. Once he sinned and broke the commandment of his Master, eating from the tree of knowledge, the book had fled from him. Adam was beating his head and cried. He went into the water of Gihon up to his neck, meaning repented and tormented himself until his body became rusty and full of holes and fissures, and his brightness changed.

365) At that time the Creator intimated to Angel Raphael, who returned the book to him. Adam engaged in it and left it for his son, Seth, and all the generations after him, until it came to Abraham. He knew by it to look at the glory of his Master, and the book was given to Hanoch [Enoch] who looked in it at the upper glory.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / Beresheet Bet – click)

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