Three Letters Tov [Tet-Vav-Bet]

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324) “And God saw the light that it was good.” Any dream that stands in the solution of “And it was good” shows that there is peace for him above and below. In the upper world, where there is none who slanders him, and in the lower world. Each and every one sees letters in his dream according to his ways and actions. If he sees a Tet in his dream, it is good for him and good for his dream, since the Torah began writing the letter Tet with the words, “And it was good.” It is so because there is no letter Tet in the Torah prior to that, and it concerns the light that illuminated from the end of the world to its end. Therefore, Tet indicates that it is Tov [good], and good means illumination that illuminates in the complete wholeness.

325) The letter Tet is the ninth to everything, meaning Yesod, which is ninth to the ten Sefirot. It is a letter that illuminates through the upper one, who is called Resheet [beginning]. It is included in it in AA, who is called Resheet because it is the first Partzuf, the carrier of the point of Miftacha, the point on which all the Mochin appear. And because the Tet receives from AA, who is called Resheet, she also illuminates in the point of Miftacha, and all the Mochin appear through her.

The Yod was made by the blocking that is at the point of Miftacha, which enters the light and becomes Avir, which is one point. That is, the Yod that enters the light of YESHSUT and became Avir, that Yod was made of the point of Miftacha, and the second point, Man’ula, is not disclosed in it. Hence, at the time of Gadlut the Yod comes out of the Avir, and that Yod was made of the point of Miftacha. The second point, Man’ula, is not disclosed in it. For this reason, at the time of Gadlut the Yod comes out of the Avir, and YESHSUT return to being light. But if the second point, the Man’ula, was connected to the Yod, then the Yod would not be able to exit the Avir, as it is in AVI. Also, she is one point because the second point, the Man’ula, did not connect to her.

The VavZA, came out because of the Tet. When the heaven, ZA, ends, it is made in one point, Man’ula, and she is concealed within it. Afterwards the second point, extending from the Tet, the Miftacha, illuminated in it.

Commentary: ZAVav de HaVaYaH, the heaven, came out from the point of Miftacha through the Tet. However, first ZA was established at the point of Man’ula, and once it ended at the point of Chazeh de ZA—where the great Partzuf ZA ends because of the Tet—the point of Man’ula was concealed there and extended from Chazeh and below of ZA by the illumination of the second point at the point of Miftacha. Thus, the Sium of Partzuf ZA from Chazeh and above is at the point of Man’ula, and the Sium of Partzuf ZA from Chazeh and below, the small ZA, is at the point of Miftacha.

Two females come out of ZA: an upper one, above the Chazeh, and a lower one, below the Chazeh. The upper one is hidden, as it comes out from the point of Man’ula in ZA, and the lower one was disclosed in the two points of Man’ula and Miftacha. However, she stands only by the force of the upper point of Miftacha, and the point of Man’ula is hidden in it and is not apparent. This is why the Mochin are disclosed in her.

326) This is TetVavBet [Tov (good)]. The Tet is Yesod de YESHSUT. The Vav is ZA. The Bet are the two females, upper and lower. These three letters Tov were later included in “A righteous is the foundation of the world,” who includes everything above and below, Yesod de ZA, who includes these three Behinot. It is written, “Say of the righteous, ‘It is good,’” since the righteous, Yesod [foundation], is called so because the three Behinot of upper light implied in Tet Vav Bet are included in him.

It is written, “The Lord is good to all.” The words “To all” do not detail to whom He is good because to illuminate one day that illuminates to all is Yesod, the sixth day, as it includes all five days. This is why Yesod is called “all,” and it is written, “The Lord is good to all,” for the good illuminates in Yesod.

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