A Cup of Blessing

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845) The cup of blessing should be received with both hands, the right and the left, and to bless. The cup of blessing requires a cup, as it is written, “I will raise my cup of salvation,” the Nukva, since blessings from the salvations above extend in this cup, and the cup, the Nukva, receives them and collects them to it. There the upper wine, the illumination of the left in Bina, is kept and collected in a cup.

For this reason, it must be blessed with the right and the left, and the wine that is gathered in the cup, as well as the cup, are blessed together. The wine is illumination of the left from Bina, and the cup is the Nukva. The table, Nukva, must be blessed that it will not be devoid of bread and wine, and it is all one since the wine is illumination of Hochma in the left, and the bread is Hassadim from the right, and they must bond as one.

846) The assembly of Israel, the Nukva, is a cup of blessing. Since it is a cup of blessing, the right and left hands are required to receive it, since a cup is placed in the right and left hands, Hassadim and Hochma. It must be filled with wine from the wine of Torah, which is illumination of Hochma in the left, which comes out of the next world, Bina.

847) High things appear in the cup of blessing; the meaning of the holy Merkava [assembly] appears, meaning HG TM, since a cup of blessings must be received with the right and the left, north and south, HG. The cup of blessing receives blessing from them, and a cup of blessings is the bed of Solomon, Malchut, which must be placed between the north and the south, HG. It must be placed closer to the right, and the body of the one who blesses, Tifferet, must be corrected with them. He should look at the cup, bless it with four blessings, since it is written, “The eyes of the Lord are always upon her.” It follows that in a cup of blessing, which is faith, are north, south, east, and west, HG TM, and thus you have a holy Merkava.

848) The table with bread is so that the bread below, the Nukva, will be blessed. The “bread of affliction,” the Nukva when she lacks Hassadim, will be blessed and become “bread of pleasure” when her Hochma clothes in Hassadim. At that time, she is called “bread of pleasure.”

It follows that the assembly of Israel, the Nukva, is blessed above, in the four directions of the world, HG TM above, and NH below. The cup of blessing causes King David—the Nukva above the Chazeh—to bond with the fathers, HGT, since from here she takes Hochma. He will be blessed below, too, from NHY, and he has Hassadim, as well, meaning that man’s table will be blessed and there will always be bread in it.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYECHI – click)

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