The Barn of the Lycium

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850) “And they came to the barn of the lycium.” The barn of the lycium is the governance of Egypt that was removed in favor of the governance of Israel, since they saw a barn, which implies to the governance of Israel, as it is written, “Wearing garments in the barn.” This is why it is written, “And they lamented there with a very great and sorrowful lamentation.”

851) Hence, he called its name, “Mourning-Egypt.” Certainly, the mourning was from Egypt, since their governance has been removed. Here, too, the cries are not for the Jews, although Jews were dying there. This is because those Jews, if they were Jews, they would not be killed. And when they die, the Creator atones their sins.

852) Although Jacob’s soul went out in Egypt, it did not leave in another’s authority, that of the Sitra Achra, since from the day the world has been created, no bed has been as whole as the bed of Jacob, whose every son was kosher [worthy/pure/qualified]. When he passed away from the world, his soul promptly connected to her place.

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYECHI – click)

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