Abraham, Abraham

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506) “And the angel of the Lord called unto him out of heaven, … ‘Abraham, Abraham.’” The last Abraham is not as the first Abraham. The last one, after the tying, is complete, since he had already been mingled with Isaac. And the first Abraham was incomplete because he was still not included in Isaac. It is similar with “Samuel, Samuel,” indicating that the last one is complete and the first one is not complete, since the last one was already a prophet and the first was not yet a prophet. However, in “Moses, Moses,” there is no Taam [singular of Taamim, signs in the text] for cessation between them because since the day he was born, Divinity did not move from him and there is no difference between the first and the last.

“Abraham, Abraham,” He mentioned his name twice to awaken him with a different spirit, with a different act, and with a different heart. Thus far he was clothed in Din, to keep the commandment of the Creator. Hence, the angel should have brought him back to the quality of Hesed. He did that by doubling the name, “Abraham, Abraham.” He awoke him with a different spirit to not stretch out his hand to the lad. And with another act, to offer the lamb for a sacrifice instead of his son, and with a different heart, to love Isaac, his son, as in the beginning.

507) Isaac was sorted and rose to be desired before the Creator by his tying at the altar, such as the scent of incense that the priests would offer before Him twice a day, and the offering would be complemented as though it had been offered and burnt into a fragrance before the Creator. This is so because Abraham was saddened when he was told, “Do not stretch out your hand against the lad, and do nothing to him” because he thought his offering was not completed and that all his work and arrangement of the altar were in vain. Promptly, “And Abraham lifted up his eyes, and looked, and behold behind him another ram,” which he sacrificed instead of Isaac, and that completed it.

508) It was the ram that was created in the twilight, a year old. Also, it had to be like the continual burnt-offering. But how can you say that the ram was born at twilight? Rather, the force of that ram was appointed at that time, on the eve of the Sabbath, at twilight, to be destined to be carried out by Abraham when he needed it. Hence, it really was born at that time, and when it was a year old, it came to Abraham. Like all things that were born on the eve of the Sabbath, in the twilight, only the potential was appointed then, to be ready for carrying out when it is needed. And so it was with the ram who was offered instead of Isaac.

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