All the Blessings—to This Degree

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504) All the upper blessings were given to this degree, to Malchut, to bless all. And even though she has no light of her own, all the blessings, all the joy, and all that is good is in her and stems from her. This is why she is called “a cup of blessing.” She is considered an actual blessing, as it is written, “The blessing of the Lord shall make rich,” and the blessing of the Lord is the Malchut. This is why it is written, “And full with the blessing of the Lord, you inherit the sea and the south.”

505) For this reason, Malchut has a residue in all the Sefirot, since they are all mingled with her and she was filled by all of them and contains something from them all. In other words, they are all included in her and she was blessed from all the upper blessings, and the blessings were given into her hands to bless. Jacob blessed the sons of Joseph from a place where all the blessings were given into his hands to bless, as it is written, “And you will be a blessing,” meaning he will be rewarded with Malchut, who is a blessing. And henceforth, the blessings were given into his hands because all the blessings are in the hands of Malchut.

When Malchut was told, “Go and diminish yourself,” she waned herself and went out from Atzilut to Beria. Since then, she has no life of her own. And while she was previously included in the Sefirot of Atzilut, she went out of them and nothing of her remains in all the Sefirot. This is why it is written that David has no life.

However, afterward, she was corrected by ZA, who built her from his seven Sefirot HGT NHYM, which is the seventy years that Adam HaRishon gave to David. Thus, now, although she has nothing of her own, she obtained a complete structure of a Partzuf once more, although through ZA.

For this reason, she was included among the Sefirot of Atzilut once more, and all the Sefirot returned and were included in her. This is why Malchut has a residue in all the Sefirot, for she was re-included in them. Also, they all have a part of her because all the Sefirot were re-included in her as prior to the diminution.

506) As she was built in the seven Sefirot of ZA, we bless and praise this name to Malchut, and this is why we say Hallel [a prayer of praising] on those days. There are three degrees in the HallelHassidim [pious] on the right, Tzadikim [righteous] on the left, and Israel on all sides, since Israel are mingled with all of them, for it is the middle line, which comprises both lines—right and left. They correspond to the three lines that Malchut receives from ZA, even though she has nothing of her own. This is why the praise of the Creator, Malchut, rose more than all the Sefirot. Also, wherever Israel praise the Creator below, meaning raise MAN, His glory rises in all the Sefirot.

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