What Is the Measure of My Days

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500) When one is rewarded with good deeds in this world, his days are blessed above from a place called “The measure of his days,” meaning Bina. David said, “Lord, make me know my end, and what is the measure of my days.” “My end” is the end of the right, which connects to David. “The measure of my days” means that he was actually appointed over his days, which is Bina.

501) This verse was said about the days that were cut off from Adam HaRishon, the seventy years, for David had no life at all, but Adam HaRishon gave him seventy years of his life.

502) This is the firmament, the curtain, opposite Malchut. It serves nothing because the moon, Malchut, does not shine by herself at all. David, who corresponds to Malchut, has no life. And the seventy years illuminate for Malchut on all her sides, meaning the seven Sefirot HGT NHYM of ZA, each of which consists of ten, thus they are seventy. They are the life of David. For this reason, David asked of the Creator to know why the moon had no life of her own; he wanted to know her root.

503) “The measure of my days” is a concealed, high degree, meaning Bina, which is called “The measure of my days” because she stands atop all those days, which are the life of Malchut. This is so because HGT NHYM de ZA extend from Bina, which is the place that shines for all. “Let me know how short-lived I am,” said David, meaning let me know why I have no light of my own, prevented from being like all the other upper lights, all of which have lives of their own. “And I, why have I no light? Why is it denied of me?” This is what David wanted to know, and he was denied permission to know.

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