And Abimelech Charged

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101) How long did the Creator wait to avenge the wicked? For that good which Abimelech did with the first patriarchs, for that, Israel did not rule over the Philistines until after a long time, in the last generations. Abimelech did well when he was good with Isaac, as he had said to Abraham, “Behold, my land is before you; settle wherever you please.” This saying certainly applies to Abraham’s offspring, too, which is why he kept his words with Isaac, as well. And he praises him for keeping his promise.

102) Woe unto the wicked whose good is incomplete. In the beginning, Ephron said, “My lord, hear me: I give thee the field,” and then he said, “Land worth four hundred,” as it is written, “And Abraham weighed… current money with the merchant.” Here, too, he first said to Abraham, “my land is before you,” which includes Isaac in it, and then he said to Isaac, “Go away from us, for you are too powerful for us.” This is the good that he did with Isaac—that Abimelech did not take anything from him but sent him with all his money and possessions and then went and signed a covenant with him.

103) Isaac did well, for because he knew the wisdom, he exerted and dug a well of water, meaning corrected the Nukva, which is called “a well of water,” to properly strengthen in faith, which is the Nukva. And Abraham, too, exerted and dug a well of water. Jacob found it already corrected and sat on it. And everyone followed the well and exerted in it so as to properly strengthen in complete faith.

104) And now Israel strengthen in it, in the well of water, the Nukva, by keeping the Mitzvot [commandments] of the Torah. Each day, a man is strengthened with a Tzitzit [fringed garment], which is a Mitzva [singular of Mitzvot] and a man cloaks himself with it. And with the Tefillin, too, which he puts in the right way on his head and arm, and which have a sublime meaning. This is so because the Creator is with a man who is crowned with Tefillin and cloaked with at Tzitzit, and all is sublime faith, the Nukva, which becomes corrected through the Mitzvot that a person keeps.

105) Hence, one who does not cloak with a Tzitzit and does not crown to strengthen with a Tefillin every day, faith is not on him and the fear of his Master is removed from him, and his prayer is not a proper prayer. This is why the patriarchs would strengthen in sublime faith, because in the high pit there is complete faith, the correction of the Nukva.

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