She Is My Sister

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96) “She is my sister.” Abraham said “My sister” about Divinity because Divinity was with Isaac and with his wife, as it is written, “Say unto wisdom: ‘You are my sister.’” Hence, he was strengthened in Divinity and said, “She is my sister.” It was befitting for Abraham and Isaac to say, “My sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled,” since Abraham and Isaac were a chariot for ZA, and for that, the righteous were strengthened in the Creator, for they became a chariot to Him.

97) “And it came to pass, when he had been there a long time… with Rebecca his wife.” Et [“of,” exists only in the original Hebrew] implies Divinity, that she was with Rebecca, since Et is the name of Divinity. And Isaac was having intercourse during the day. But we learned that holy Israel do not have intercourse during the day. Thus, how is it possible that Isaac, who was holy, was having intercourse during the day?

98) Abimelech was wise and observed in his astrology, which is called “a window,” and he saw there that it was not as Isaac had said, but that he must be sporting with her and she is his wife. Then, “And Abimelech called Isaac.”

Abimelech was worthy of taking his wife, as he did with Abraham, if the Creator had not rebuked him before in the event with Abraham, when He told him, “You shall die because of the woman.”

99) This is why he said, “She is my sister,” to cling to Divinity. Because there was no faith in them, he said, “She is my sister. And for this reason, he said, “Because I thought, surely there is no fear of God in this place.” No fear of God is faith.

100) Because Divinity is not present outside the holy land, “There is no fear of God in this place.” And Isaac was strengthened by faith, which is Divinity, since he saw that Divinity was in his wife.

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