And Abraham Took another Wife

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257) “And Abraham took another wife, and her name was Keturah.” This Keturah is Hagar, since after Hagar parted with Abraham and deviated toward the abomination of her father, she repented and tied herself to good deeds. This is why her name was changed and she was called Keturah, which implies that she became tied to good deeds, since Keturah means Keshurah [tied]. And then Abraham sent and took her for a wife. This implies that the change of name atones for the transgressions because this is why her name was changed to Keturah, to atone for her transgressions.

258) “And Abraham took another.” In the days of Sarah, he mated with Hagar once and then sent her away because of Ishmael’s deeds, that he laughed at Isaac. Afterwards it says, “Another,” which means that he kept taking her as in the beginning, since he took her another time in addition to the first taking. And to the extent that she changed her deeds, her name was changed, as well, and she was now called Keturah.

259) “And Isaac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah.” This means that Sarah’s form appeared with Rebecca, and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s form appeared and he would see her every day. And although Abraham married a woman, he did not enter Sarah’s house and did not let that woman in there so that a handmaid will not be heir to her mistress. And no other woman was seen in Sarah’s tent besides Rebecca.

260) And although Abraham knew that Sarah’s form appeared there, he left the tent for Isaac to see his mother’s form there every day. Isaac saw her form and not Abraham. And it is written, “And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac.” Precisely, all that was his, since it revolves around that form of Sarah who was in that tent, which he gave to Isaac to gaze upon her.

261) “And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac.” He gave him the high faith, Bina, so Isaac would adhere to the degrees of his share properly. Had he not given him the Bina, he would not have been able to cling to the left line.

Here fire, which is left, is included with water, which is right. Certainly, the fire took the water, meaning the left contains the right within it. This is implied from the verse, “And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac,” which is water included in fire. Abraham, who is water, gave his whole essence to Isaac, who is fire. In the beginning, they were both included there in the water. And when Abraham tied Isaac to perform Din [judgment] on him, to sacrifice him as an offering, fire was included in the water.

And now water was included in the fire so everything will be in the high faith, Bina. This is so because the two lines—right and left—in Bina are included in one another and then they obtained their perfection. Hence, Abraham and Isaac, too, who extend from those two lines in Bina, must be included in one another. For this reason, first the left was integrated with the right, during the tying, and now Abraham gave all that was his to Isaac, by which the right is included in the left.

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