And His Master’s Wife Cast Her Eyes

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210) See how one should be wary of one’s sins and go by a corrected path so as to not be fooled by the evil inclination, which slanders him every single day.

211) Because it always slanders him, one should overcome it and prevail over it in a solid place where the evil inclination will not be able to move him from his place. This is because one must be stronger than it, and connect at the place of strength. When man overcomes it, he is on the side of strength, and clings to that side to gain strength. And because the evil inclination is strong, man should be stronger.

Hence, those people who overcome it are called “mighty in strength,” since they are with their own kind. Because they had overcome a strong one, they have become as strong as it is. And these are the angels of the Creator, the righteous ones that come from the side of harsh Gevura [strength], to overcome the evil inclination, and they are called, “…mighty in strength, who fulfill His word.” “Bless the Lord, you His angels,” meaning righteous ones such as Joseph, who is called “righteous” and “strong,” who kept the holy covenant that was written in him.

213) What is, “And it came to pass after these things”? The place where the evil inclination slanders is the degree called, “…after these things.” Malchut is called, “things,” for she is the last degree in holiness. Following her come the evil inclination and the Klipot. Hence, “…after these things” is the evil inclination.

Joseph gave it a place to accuse him, for the evil inclination said, “What of his father? He is mourning him, while Joseph was pluming himself and curling his hair?” Hence, he sent the bear against him—Potiphar’s wife—and slandered him.

214) “And it came to pass after these things.” When the Creator watches over the world to sentence it, He finds wicked in the world. This is so because people’s transgressions cause the heaven and earth to stop, and they do not keep their laws properly.

215) Those who do not keep the holy covenant cause separation between Israel and their Father in heaven, because it is written, “and you turn aside and serve other gods, and bow before them.” It is also written, “and He will shut up the heaven, so there shall be no rain,” because one who does not keep the covenant is as one who worships another god, who lies in the token of the holy covenant.

216) When the holy covenant is properly kept in the world, the Creator gives blessings above, to be poured into the world, as it is written, “Plentiful rain will You pour down.” “Plentiful rain” is rain of good will, when the Creator desires the assembly of Israel and wishes to impart it with blessings. At that time, “You confirmed Your inheritance when it was parched.” “Your inheritance” is Israel, who are the inheritance of the Creator, as it is written, “Jacob the lot of His inheritance.” And “parched” is the assembly of Israel, who is parched in a strange land, thirsty for water, with none to drink. Then she is parched. And when rains of good will are given, “You confirmed.”

218) Thus, heaven and earth and all their hosts stand on this covenant, as it is written, “If My covenant is not…” For this reason, one must be vigilant about it. And therefore, it is written, “And Joseph was of beautiful form, and fair to look upon.” Afterwards, it is written, “his master’s wife cast her eyes upon Joseph.” Because he was not vigilant and was beautifying himself, as he was curling his hair and was handsome and fair to look at. Hence, “his master’s wife cast her eyes.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYEŞEV – click)

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