As She Spoke to Him Day after Day

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219) “To keep you from the evil woman.” Happy are the righteous who know the ways of the Creator, by which to walk. They engage in the Torah day in and day out, for anyone who delves in the Torah for days and nights inherits two worlds: the upper world and the lower world. He inherits the upper world, even though he did not engage in the Torah Lishma [for Her Name], and he inherits the upper world when engaging in it Lishma [for Her Name].

220) “Length of days is in her right hand; in her left hand—riches and honor.” “Length of days is in her right hand” means that one who walks on the right of the Torah, who engages in it Lishma, has length of days in the next world, for there he is awarded the glory of the Torah, which is glory, and a crown to crown over all. This is so because the crown of the Torah is only for the next world.

“…in her left hand—riches and honor” is in this world. Even if one engages in it Lo Lishma [not for Her Name], he is awarded wealth and honor in this world.

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