And Isaac Was Forty Years Old

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15) “And Isaac was forty years old” when he married Rebecca. Isaac includes north and south, which are fire and water, and then Isaac was forty years old when he took Rebecca. Surely, Isaac is mingled with the right, Hassadim, called “water,” and called “south.” Hence, there are two Sefirot in him, north and south, which are Hesed and Gevura—north from himself—for he is left, and south, since he is Abraham’s son. He also had mingling of north and south in one another, which is Tifferet, since Tifferet is but a mingling of Hesed and Gevura, which are south and north.

It turns out that he had the three SefirotHesedGevuraTifferet, and when he took Rebecca, who is Malchut, he obtained Malchut, too, and thus had four Sefirot HG TM. In Gadlut [adulthood], they are HB TM, since each of them contains ten Sefirot, which make forty Sefirot, which are forty years.

The Nukva can receive Isaac’s Mochin, who is the left line, for she became a fourth to HGT, and then Isaac took her and imparted her with his Mochin. But she was barren because she was lacking Hassadim, as it is written, “And Isaac entreated… because she was barren,” for she was not worthy of bearing before she is diminished and becomes a seventh, receiving from HGT NHY. This is why it is written, “And Isaac was sixty years old when she gave birth to them,” meaning HGT NHY.

Rebecca had the appearance of the rainbow, which is green, white, and red, which are HGT of the Nukva. She was three years old when he gripped her, when he gripped Rebecca, meaning when he married her. This is so because Isaac consisted of four Sefirot when he took Rebecca, HB TM. But even though Rebecca was included in him, she still had only three SefirotHGT, which are three colors like the appearance of the rainbow, lacking the color of her own SefiraMalchut, thus they are three years and not four. Isaac’s Sefirot are in tens, ZA, and Rebecca’s are only in units, Nukva. Hence, Isaac’s four Sefirot are forty and Rebecca’s three Sefirot are only three years.

And when he begot, he was sixty, obtaining the six Sefirot HGT NHY. To beget properly, Jacob came out whole, sixty years of age, as it should be. And Jacob gripped the six Sefirot and became a whole man.

16) “The daughter of Bethuel the Aramean, of Paddan-aram, the sister of Laban the Aramean.” Even though she was among idolaters, she did not do as they did. This is why it says that she was the daughter of Bethuel, from Paddan-aram, and the sister of Laban, who were all wicked. But she did good deeds.

17) If Rebecca was twenty years old or more, or at least thirteen, it would have been counted to her merit that she did not do as they did. But she was only three years old, so what is her merit for not doing as they did?

She was three, and yet, she did with the servant all that she did, meaning necessarily, for she had the mind of a twenty year old. This is why he praised her for not learning from their actions.

18) “As a rose among thorns, so is my love among the daughters.” The rose is the assembly of Israel, Nukva de ZA, which is among the armies like a rose among the thorns.

Isaac came from the side of Abraham, who is the upper Hesed and is gracious with all creations. And although he is the harsh Din [judgment], he still extends from Hesed, from Abraham. Rebecca comes from the side of harsh Din, from Bethuel and Laban. And although she herself is weak Din, the red of the rose, and a thread of grace hangs over her, which is the white of the rose, she still extends from the harsh Din.

Thus, Isaac was harsh Din and she was weak Din. This is why she was as a rose among the thorns. Thorns are harsh Dinim, since Rebecca was surrounded by harsh Dinim from her parents side and the people where she lived. But she herself was a weak, mitigated Din, and a thread of grace in the shape of a rose. Thus, her deeds were proper for she did not learn from their actions because there was no harsh Din in her. This is the meaning of her being compared to a rose that has red and white.

And had the Nukva not been weak Din, the world would be unable to tolerate Isaac’s harsh Din, since the illumination of Isaac is male light, which bestows from above downwards, and in the illumination of the left, it educes a very harsh Din. But Rebecca, whose illumination is female light, which shines only from below upwards, contains no harsh Dinim [judgments] but only weak Din. And since Isaac’s illumination reaches the lower ones through the Nukva, which is weak Din, the lower ones can receive illumination from these Mochin. But they would not be able to receive from Isaac alone, since they would not be able to tolerate the harsh Dinim that extend with his illumination.

Similarly, the Creator makes couplings in the world, where one is strong and the other is weak, as was said above, that Isaac was harsh Din and Rebecca was weak Din, so that everything will be corrected so they will be able to receive illumination of Hochma, as well. And the world will be mitigated so that the harsh Dinim that extend with this illumination would not harm them. This is so because when they receive her through the Nukva, the Dinim are mitigated by that.

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