And Israel Loved Joseph

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74) “And Israel loved Joseph.” Oh, how the Creator loved Israel. And because of this love that He loved them more than all the idol worshipping nations, He warned them and wished to keep them in all their actions.

75) Three times a day is there judgment in the world. When that time comes, one should be careful and beware so that that judgment will not hurt him. And they come at known times.

76) When the morning came, Abraham had awoken in the world and gripped unto the judgment to tie it with him. In the first three hours, the judgment went from its place to awaken in Jacob, until the time of midday prayer. At that time, the judgment returns to its place, and the judgment from below awakens to connect to the judgment from above. And since then judgment connects to judgment, one must be vigilant.

ZA is called, “day.” The three times are the three lines in ZA, each containing its unique judgment. And these three discernments of judgment in the three lines of ZA extend from the three sowings, HolamShurukHirik, which are the roots of the three lines of ZA:

1) During the ascent of Malchut to Bina, the three letters ELEH [AlephLamedHey] of Elokim fall off her and she remains with MI [MemYod] of ElokimVAK without GAR. This is considered the judgment in the point of Holam on the right line of ZA, called

2) During GadlutMalchut comes out of Bina, and the three letters, ELEH, return to Bina. At that time, she returns to Rosh de AA and obtains GAR, discerned as Hochma without Hassadim. At that time, even the Hochma does not shine and she is blocked. This is the discernment of judgment in the point of Shuruk and in the left line of ZA, called Isaac. And it is called, “the upper judgment.”

3) The ascent of ZON there through the Masach de Hirik, which determines between the two lines, is VAK, whose root comes from the lock. Afterwards, he is corrected with the key and becomes as a Masach at the point of Holam. This is considered the judgment at the point of Hirik, and in the middle line of ZA, called “Jacob.” It is also called “the lower judgment.”

When the morning rises, the right line of ZA—called “Abraham”—governs. It grips the judgment of the point of Holam, which is Masach de VAK without the Rosh, due to the Hitkalelut [mingling] of Malchut in Bina. This is so because through the disclosure of this judgment of the point of Holam, all the Mochin de ZON come out, and this is the time of Zivug. And Jacob, who is the middle line, rises and sentences between the two lines, Abraham and Isaac, through the Masach de Hirik in him.

After the two lines, right and left, were included in one another, the judgment descends from the point of Holam, which is Abraham, since he reacquired the GAR through his Hitkalelut in the left. And the judgment that was in him descends and comes in Jacob, the middle line, through the Masach de Hirik in him, which is the point of VAK.

In the morning Zivug, Isaac’s judgment was canceled, meaning the governance of the left line, which is the blockage at the point of Shuruk, because of Jacob’s sentencing by the force of the Masach de Hirik. And now that Isaac’s dominance returned and he is not included in Abraham, the judgment at the point of Shuruk returned to its place, as well, since the lights in it were blocked once more due to the lack of Hassadim.

The lower judgment, VAK without Rosh at the Masach de Hirik, which is the middle line, has now been cancelled because it has been connected with the upper judgment at the point of Shuruk, and the GAR returned to the middle line by the force of the domination of the left. For this reason, its sentence was revoked and the judgment governs the world due to the blockage of the lights. This is why one should be watchful at that time.

77) Moreover, when the judgment awakens in the world and death is in the city, one should not walk alone in the market. Instead, one should confine oneself within and not come out, as we explained about Noah, who confined himself in the ark so he would not be in front of the destroyer.

With the first three judgments, which are the three lines of ZA, one should beware of drawing illumination of the left from above downwards. If one is watchful in that, he is already saved from them. However, with this fourth judgment, when there is death in the city, it is the judgment of the awakening Nukva, as it is written, “not rewarded—he is bad.” This is so because they are the judgments in the Masach of the first restriction, from which death comes.

In this case, vigilance and care do not help because once that judgment has been revealed, it controls the form of from below upwards, too, and the only counsel is to close himself in, so he will not be seen by the destroyer. He should not touch any Mochin, except in the form of VAK, which is light of Hassadim, in which the Sitra Achra has no hold whatsoever. Thus it occurs that he is not seen by the destroyer since he has no hold of him.

This is considered hiding and confining himself to his room so as to not be seen. Noah, too, hid himself in the discernment of VAK from below upwards, there, in the light of Hassadim. And then he was saved, since there is no hold for the Sitra Achra in the light of Hassadim.

78) Confine yourself to your room and close your door behind you, so you will not be seen by the destroyer, so he will draw only light of VAK de Hassadim, in which the destroyer has no hold. This is so because after the judgment has passed, the destroyer no longer has the authority to harm him.

79) Because of the Creator’s love for Israel, He pulled them near Him. This caused the rest of the nations, who idol worship, to hate Israel, since they are remote from the Creator, while Israel are near.

80) And for the love that Jacob loved Joseph more than his brothers, although they were all brothers, “they plotted against him to put him to death.” It is all the more so with idol worshipping nations and Israel: they, too, hate Israel for the Creator loves them more than all the idol worshipping nations. The love that Jacob loved Joseph more than his brothers caused the disclosure of the fourth judgment, death, for which no vigilance and watchfulness help.

81) That love, which he loved him more than all his brothers, caused Joseph to be exiled from his father, and his father was exiled with him and inflicted exile upon the tribes, which caused Divinity to be exiled among them. And although the sentence was given in the covenant of the pieces, the reason for it was the love that he loved him more than all his brothers. This is so because all the above-mentioned happened because of the multicolored tunic he had made for him more than for his brothers, as it is written, “His brothers saw that… so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms.”

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