And Joseph Dreamed a Dream

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82) “And Joseph dreamed a dream.” Several degrees has the Creator made. They all stand degree atop degree, and they are all nourished by one another as they should be, some from the right and some from the left, and all are appointed over one another, as it all should be.

83) All the prophets in the world nourish out of one discernment, of two specific degrees: Netzah and Hod. These degrees were seen within a mirror that does not shine—the Nukva, as it is written, “I will make Myself known to him in a mirror,” a mirror that portrays all the colors within it, the three colors, white, red, and green, which are the three lines of ZA.

“I will speak to him in a dream” is the sixth degree below the degree of prophecy, the degree of Gabriel, the appointee of dreams.

84) Each dream that is as it should be comes from that degree— the Angel Gabriel. And since it comes from an angel, there is not a dream without mixture of falsehood. Hence, some are true and some are false, and there is not a dream without some from this side and some from that.

85) And because there are both truth and falsehood in dreams, all the dreams in the world follow the solution of the mouth, as it is written, “And as he interpreted for us, so it happened,” meaning realized according to the solution. Because there are truth and falsehood in dreams, the word of the solution governs over everything, determining if it will follow the truth in it or the lie in it. Hence, the dream requires a good solution.

Because every dream is from a degree below, from the Angel Gabriel, and the speech, the Nukva, governs it, meaning the angel, each dream follows the solution, which is speech that comes from Nukva, who is called, “speech,” and who governs Angel Gabriel.

86) When one climbs into one’s bed, he should first crown the Kingdom of Heaven over himself, and then say one verse of mercy. This is because when one sleeps in one’s bed his soul departs him and roams above, each rising according to its way.

87) When people lay in bed in slumber and their souls depart, the Creator announces to the soul—at the degree appointed over the dream, meaning Gabriel—the future of things in the world, or the words that come from the thoughts of the heart, or both. For a person to receive the words of the world through admonition, he is shown the future of things to come in the world.

88) One is not announced while he is standing through the force of the body, but the angel announces to the soul, and the soul to man, for the dreams come to the souls from above, when the souls depart the bodies and each rises according to its merit.

89) And however many degrees are in a dream, they are all in Hochma. A dream is one degree, a mirror is one degree, and prophecy is one degree. And they are all degrees by degrees, one atop the other—the degree of the dream below the degree of the mirror, and the degree of the mirror below the degree of prophecy.

90) “And Joseph dreamed a dream, and he told…” This teaches that one should not say one’s dream but only to one who loves him. And if he does not love him, he will harm him, for if the dream is inverted into another thing, the solution of the dream causes the real instruction in the dream to depart.

91) Joseph said the dream to his brothers, who did not love him, and hence caused his dream to depart and to be detained for twenty-two years.

92) “And he said unto them…” He asked them to listen to him, and told them the dream. Were it not for them, who turned the dream into another thing, the dream would have come true. But they replied and said, “Are you really going to reign over us? Or are you really going to rule over us?” By that, they immediately told him the solution to the dream, for they had removed it from the meaning of reigning and ruling, and rejected it into another thing. And they sentenced a sentence that he will not reign over them. “So they hated him even more” and defamed him.

93) An unsolved dream is like an unread letter. But does that mean that the dream comes true and he does not know or that it does not come true at all? The answer is that it comes true and he does not know. This is so because a force is attached to a dream and it must come true, except he is not informed and does not know if the dream came true or not. This is the similarity to an unread letter.

94) There is not a thing in the world that does not depend on a dream or a herald even before it comes to the world. This is so because before anything comes to the world, it is announced in heaven and from there it spreads in the world and is given by a herald. And all this is so because it is written that the Lord God will not do a thing while there are prophets in the world. And if there aren’t, even though prophecy is absent, sages are more important than prophets. And if there are no sages, it is given in a dream. And if it is not given in a dream, it is in the birds of the sky.

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