And Jacob Concluded Charging His Sons

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801) “And Jacob concluded charging his sons.” Why does it say, “Charging his sons”? Should it not have said, “Blessing”? However, he charged them with Divinity, to bond with her. Moreover, he charged in relation to the cave, which is close to the Garden of Eden, and where Adam HaRishon is buried.

802) This place is called Kiryat Arba [the city of four], since four couples were buried there: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah. However, we learn that the patriarchs are a holy Merkava [assembly], and a Merkava is no less than four. The Creator connected King David with the patriarchs, and they became a complete Merkava with the number four. It is written, “The stone that the builders loathed has become the cornerstone.” This is so because David connected to be a complete Merkava with them. Thus, David should have been buried with the patriarchs, and with him, it will be Kiryat Arba. What is the reason that he was not buried with them?

803) King David had a set up place—Zion, Yesod de ZA—in which to bond as one. Adam, who was buried with the patriarchs, they were buried with him because he was the first king from whom the kingship was removed and given to King David, since King David existed since the days of Adam. Adam HaRishon was meant to live a thousand years, but seventy years were moved from him to the days of King David. This is why Adam HaRishon is considered Malchut, and he completed the Merkava of the patriarchs into the number four. Were it not so, how would the patriarchs rise in a complete Merkava with the number four, prior to David’s arrival? Necessarily, Adam HaRishon complemented them, and David was not buried with them, but was rewarded with his appropriate place, Zion. This is why he was not buried with the patriarchs.

804) We should also explain that the patriarchs are present in a male place, HGT de ZA, males, while David is a Merkava for Malchut, in a place of Nukva. Hence, the females of the fathers were buried with them and David was buried and connected in a male place, Zion, each according to what is appropriate to him.

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