He Perished and Was Gathered to His Peoples

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805) “And gathered his feet into the bed,” since he was seated in a place of the living, which was a Merkava [assembly/chariot] for ZA, the tree of life. Hence, when Jacob wished to depart from the world, he lowered his legs to the bed, the Nukva, and was gathered and departed from the world, meaning rose for MAN and was included in a Zivug of ZON. It is written about it, “And he perished and was gathered to his peoples.” It does not mention death in regard to him, since he rose and was included in the upper life.

806) It is written, “My soul longed and even yearned for the courts of the Lord.” Why was he not longing for the house of the Lord, but for the courts of the Lord? There are lower sections in BYA, and there are higher sections in Atzilut. The souls are not present in the higher ones, since the souls are present in BYA. These sections are the inner houses in Atzilut and the outer houses in BYA.

The outer ones in BYA are called “the courts of the Lord” because they are in love and craving for the Nukva. This is why David said, “Yearned for the courts of the Lord,” since the souls do have a grip in more than BYA, who are called “the courts of the Lord.” However, when BYA rise to Atzilut, the souls of the righteous rise with them, too. When the soul rises, all the armies of BYA awaken and rise to the Nukva, since the Nukva unites through their rise to her, in a complete desire for ZA, and connects with him.

807) Jacob did not die, hence no death is mentioned in regard to him, but “And he perished and was gathered to his peoples.” “And gathered his feet into the bed” is the Nukva, like the sun, Jacob, sets [the Hebrew writes “gathered”] to the moon, Nukva. The sun does not die, but is gathered from the world and goes to the moon. As the light of the sun does not depart from the world during the evening, but rather subsequently gives its light in the moon, when Jacob departed, he rose for MAN to ZON and illuminated in Nukva de ZA. His light is not cancelled; hence it is considered that he did not die.

808) When Jacob was gathered, the moon illuminated and the craving of the upper sun, ZA, awakened toward her. This is so because when the sun, Jacob, awakens, another sun, ZA, awakens. ZA clings to the Nukva, and the moon—Nukva—illuminated from ZA.

809) The upper one, the male world, Bina, was tied to the lower one, the female world, Nukva de ZA, and the lower one was tied to the upper one. Through Jacob’s ascent for MAN upon his demise, Bina and Nukva connected, meaning ZON rose to AVI, and then the great Zivug to beget the souls was done.

810) They are two worlds, as it is written, “From the world and unto the world,” Bina and Nukva. And although they are two females—for Bina is a female, too—one is corrected in the male, Bina, who is regarded as a male when she is in Gadlut. And the one in Nukva is the Nukva de ZA. One is called Sheva [seven], meaning Bina, and one is called Bat Sheva [daughter of seven], the Nukva. One is a mother and the other is a mother.

“The mother of the sons” is Bina, as it is written, “Go forth, O daughters of Zion, and gaze upon King Solomon with the crown with which his mother has crowned him.” “Upon King Solomon,” the king that all of peace is his, meaning ZA, whose mother, Bina, is the mother of the sons.

Solomon’s mother is the Nukva, as it is written, “Bat-Sheva the mother of Solomon,” meaning the Nukva, since here it does not say King Solomon.

811) It is written, “Solomon’s wisdom excelled.” Solomon’s wisdom is Solomon’s mother, the Nukva, as it is written, “The words of Lemuel king of Massa, whose mother tormented him.” “The words of Lemuel king” are words that were said to God, a King, of whom it is written, “And a God who has indignation every day,” and also, “And God Almighty,” the Nukva.

812) “Lemuel” means “to God.” “Lemuel king” is Bat-Sheva, the Nukva. “Massa, whose mother tormented him” is when it appeared to him in Givon in the night’s dream.

813) Jacob was gathered to the moon, the Nukva. Upon his demise, he rose for MAN to ZON and bore fruits in her, meaning caused the Zivug of ZON in Gadlut for begetting souls, which are called “the fruits of ZON.” There is no generation in the world without the fruits of Jacob—the great souls born from the Zivug of ZON de Gadlut that Jacob caused upon his ascent for MAN. This is so because he evoked the awakening of the upper one for Zivug ZON, as it is written, “And he gathered his feet to the bed,” which is certainly Jacob’s bed, the Nukva.

814) Happy is Jacob, who was completed above and below, as it is written, “You, fear not, O Jacob My servant, for I am with you.” It did not say, “For you are with Me,” but “For I am with you,” meaning he was complemented below as well, for the instilling of Divinity.

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