And Joseph Was Brought Down to Egypt

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195) “And Joseph was brought down to Egypt.” The Creator agreed to the act of selling Joseph to the Egyptians so as to keep the sentence He had given in the covenant of the pieces, as it is written, “Know for certain that your seed will be a stranger.” This is why it is written that he was brought down, meaning brought down from the sky. “And Potiphar… bought him,” that is, he bought him to sin with him, for male copulation.

196) The Creator put seven stars in the firmament, corresponding to the seven Sefirot HGT NHYM. And each firmament has several appointed servants to serve the Creator.

197) There is not a servant or an appointee without a unique service to his master, and each insists on the service for which he was appointed, and each knows how to perform his duty in service.

198) Some serve as emissaries of their master. They are appointed over all the actions of people in the world. Some praise Him with song and praise, and those are the ones appointed over singing. And even though they were appointed over singing, there is not a force in heaven or the stars or the signs that does not praise the Creator.

199) When night falls, the three camps divide into the three sides of the world. And each side contains thousands and tens of thousands of angels, and they are all appointed over singing.

200) There are three camps of angels. And one animal—the Nukva—is appointed over them and stands above them. And they all praise the Creator until dawn. At the rise of dawn, all those on the south, all the stars and angels that shine, praise and sing for the Creator, as it is written, “When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy.” “When the morning stars sang together” are the stars on the south, the right side, Hesed. “…and all the sons of God shouted for joy” are the stars on the left, which were included in the right.

201) And then the morning shines and Israel take the singing and praise the Creator three times a day, corresponding to the three shifts of the night. And they stand one opposite the other until the glory of the Creator is properly raised at daytime and at night, and the Creator rises by these six—the three of the day and the three of the night.

202) That animal that stands above them—the Nukva—stands above Israel below, as well, to correct everything as it should be. “She rises also while it is still night and gives prey to her household.” These are the camps above. “…and portions to her maidens” are the camps of Israel below. Hence, the Creator is glorified from all sides, above and below. And for this reason, everything stands in His domain and all follow His will.

203) “Who commands the sun, and it does not shine” is Joseph when he was sold to the Egyptians. “…and seals up the stars” are his brothers, of whom it was written, “…and eleven stars bowed down to me.”

Another interpretation: “commands the sun” is Jacob, when he was told, “See whether it is your son’s tunic or not.” “…and it does not shine,” when Divinity parted from him. “…and seals up the stars,” he was sealed for his sons and his own light was blocked out of him. The sun darkened and the stars did not shine because Joseph had parted from his father. And since that day when the deed with Joseph was done, Jacob had retired from intercourse and remained in mourning, until the day he was told the news of Joseph.

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