She Removed Her Widow’s Garments

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189) Tamar was the daughter of a priest. Is it even conceivable that she would fornicate with her father-in-law? After all, she had always been chaste. Indeed, she was righteous, and she did this with wisdom. She would not be wanton with him, but because she knew and observed wisely, and she saw what was to come out of it, she came to him for an act of mercy and truth. This is why she came and performed this practice.

190) Because she knew what would come out of it and performed this practice, the Creator helped her in that act and she immediately conceived. It all came from the Creator. And why did the Creator not bring these sons from another woman? Why did He bring them from Tamar? It is because she needed this act and not another woman.

191) There were two women from whom the seed of Judah was built, and from whom came King David and King Solomon, and the Messiah King. And these two women were equal to each other. They are Tamar and Ruth, whose husbands died first, and they performed this act.

192) Tamar did this with her father-in-law, who was the closest to his dead sons, who was fit for leviration. And why did she perform with him? It is written, “…for she saw that Shelah had grown up, and she had not been given to him as a wife.” This is why she performed this deed with her father-in-law.

193) Ruth performed it with Boaz, and later gave birth to Obed. From those two came the seed of Judah, and they both did rightly to do good to the dead, to later be corrected in the world.

194) “And I praised the dead that are already dead,” since while the husbands of Tamar and Ruth were still alive, there was no praise in them. But afterwards, when they died and their wives were levirated, the kingdom of David and Solomon and the Messiah King unfolded from them. Both Tamar and Ruth attempted to do mercy and truth with the dead, and the Creator helped them in that act.

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