Appeared unto Me at Luz

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64) “And Jacob said unto Joseph, ‘God Almighty appeared unto me at Luz in the land of Canaan.’” Luz is the upper Jerusalem, Bina, which instills Divinity between us. The upper Jacob, ZA, said to Jacob below, “Bina gave me a blessing: she wishes to multiply you and to give the land to your children.” Luz is the upper Jerusalem, and she is Bina, the Creator. He gave a blessing, and this blessing will be through Him in the holy land. But in another land, the blessing will not be.

65) “He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, It will be counted a curse to him.” The Creator called upon Israel, “Brothers and friends.” “He who blesses his friend” means that the Creator is blessing Israel. The blessing that He gave is that this people will be pure under His hands and He will keep them. Because of this blessing, the Creator brings upon Israel reasons that seem like punishments. This is the reason why the verse concludes, “It will be counted a curse to him,” since they do not understand that it is for their best, so that the blessing is kept.

66) Happy is the pure people that He keeps, who are called “sons.” They are favored more than the upper ones, as it is written, “You are the children of the Lord,” and it is all because of that, since the name Shadai was complemented in their seal, when they are circumcised.

67) The name of the Creator, Shin, is in the face of a man. But the Yod is missing from him, and he is incomplete. Abraham came and was fond of the Creator. The Creator told him, “The name will be complemented in you.” He was circumcised and the name was complemented with the Yod of the Mila [circumcision]. The Shin [] of Shadai is in the face of a man—two eyes and the nose in between. And there is a Dalet [] in his arm, without the Yod. It is completed by the Yod of the circumcision, and then they are called “Sons of the Lord,” “holy sons.”

68) When they defile the holy covenant and it is placed into another authority, in which he transgresses, the holiness of the seal departs him and it is as though he destroys the world, since he defiled the seal that the name of the Creator was completed in and he destroys the world, since it arrests the bestowal of the Creator upon the world.

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