I Will Make You Fruitful, and Multiply You

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70) “Jacob shall not be ashamed now, nor shall his face turn pale now.” If a person promises something good to a person like himself, but does not keep his word, he is ashamed. It is all the more so with a promise that comes from the upper ones to a person, if He does not bring all the good that He said about His sons, He is ashamed.

71) The Creator said to Jacob, “I am the upper Israel, I will make you fruitful, and multiply you … and I will give this land to your seed with this blessing that Bina gave to Me, and I will give this land to your children.” Yet His children are not in the land and the Creator is not with them. This is a shame that He promises but doesn’t keep.

And when the end of the Messiah arrives and His promise is kept, the Creator said, “Jacob shall not be ashamed now.” “Now” means the face of the Jacob of above. They will not be ashamed because He told them, “And I will give this land to your seed,” since thus far He had nothing to give them and His face was shamed. And now His promise was kept before the Lord of heaven and earth.

72) The war of Amalek, when the end is completed, will be only by the strength of hand, as on a day of battle, as it is written, “Then shall the Lord go forth and fight against those nations, as when He fights in the day of battle,” meaning He Himself and none other.

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