For He Had a Taste for Game

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75) “A cunning hunter, a man of the field.” He was a great hunter, hunting the minds of people and misleading them to rebel against the Creator. “A man of the field,” to rob people and to kill them. Esau said that he was in the field to pray, like Isaac, as it is written, “And Isaac went out to meditate in the field.” And hunting, and he deceived Isaac with his mouth. “A man of the field,” since the share of his lot is not in a settled place but in a desolate place, in the wilderness, the field.

76) How is it that Isaac did not know all of Esau’s bad deeds? After all, Divinity was with him, and he had to know that by the spirit of holiness. For if Divinity were not with him, how could he have blessed Jacob when he blessed him? Thus, Divinity was certainly always with him, but Divinity did not let him know so that Jacob would not be blessed by his mind, but by the Creator’s mind. This is so because at that time when Jacob came before his father, Divinity came with him and Isaac saw with his mind that he was worthy of being blessed and that he will be blessed by the mind of Divinity.

This is so because Jacob is covered Hassadim and always leans to the right line, while Esau extends entirely from the left line. His head extended from the left line of holiness, but his body extended from the degrees of impurity. Hence, if Isaac knew Esau’s bad deeds, he would revoke him altogether and would bless Jacob in his stead. By that, he would sustain only the illumination of the right line and would revoke the illumination of the left line. But the Creator’s will was to draw to Jacob all of the illumination of the left that was suitable for Esau, for by that Jacob would be made complete on all sides.

This is why Divinity did not alert him of Esau’s bad deeds, so Jacob would be blessed without his intention, as it is written, “And he did not recognize him” because he thought he was blessing Esau, and hence extended Esau’s blessing to Jacob, as it is written, “Your brother came deceitfully and has taken away your blessing.” Thus, the Creator wished for him to be complete with illumination of the left line, as well, since then—because Divinity had been connected to him—Isaac recognized that he was worthy of the blessing of the illumination of the left, and would receive the blessings by the mind of Divinity. This is so because the illumination of Divinity is from the left line, since ZA is the right line and the Nukva is the left line.

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