I Have Not Seen the Righteous Forsaken

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326) It is written, “I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken.” This was said about the holy unification.

327) “Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken.” The merit of the unification of ZA and Nukva is that there is no day, ZA, without a night, Nukva, since the night is always attached to the day, ZA to the Nukva. And the righteous, Yesod, is gripped above, in ZA, who is day, and grips below, to the Nukva—night. This is the complete unification in a perpetual, never-ending Zivug.

328) “Nor his seed begging bread.” However, when he imparts the seed and it is continued, he does not demand and ask for the Nukva because at that time she is with him, for they are in a never-ending Zivug. She is ready for him because the seed continued only when the Nukva is ready for him and both their lusts are as one, in one Dvekut [adhesion] that never stops. This is why he does not need to demand and to seek her.

There are two Hochmot [plural of Hochma] in the world of Atzilut: 1) The upper Hochma in AA; 2) The lower Hochma in Nukva. All the degrees in between do not contain Hochma. This is the craving of ZA to the Nukva, to be completed through her by the illumination of Hochma. And the Nukva craves for ZA, to receive his seed, Hassadim, since Hochma without Hassadim is darkness and freezing. The seed that Yesod de ZA, meaning righteous, gives to the Nukva is Hassadim. When he gives the seed and is extended, he does not demand or seek the Nukva, since when the righteous imparts the seed, Hassadim, he does not demand to receive the illumination of the NukvaHochma.

This is so for two reasons:

  1. The Nukva is in a never-ending Zivug with him. At that time, ZON clothe upper AVI, whose Zivug does not stop and who are always in Hassadim that are covered from Hochma. Hence, their Zivug does not stop either, and they, too, are only in Hassadim, like upper AVI. Therefore, at that time, the righteous does not wish to receive the illumination of Hochma from the Nukva.
  2. He was already included with illumination of the Nukva. His seed is extended only when the Nukva is ready for him, he is already included in her illumination, and both their lusts are as one. Hence, now their lust is one, meaning that now both of them crave only Hassadim. Prior to the ZivugZA craved to be mingled with Hochma, and the Nukva with Hassadim. But now that ZA has been mingled with Hochma, he no longer craves after Hochma but only after Hassadim, in one never-ending Dvekut. This, itself, is the reason why they are in a never-ending Zivug, since there is no grip to the Klipot in the abundance of Hassadim, to force the Zivug to stop. However, if Hochma were in the illumination of the Zivug, they would not be in a never-ending Zivug because when the lower ones blemish their actions, the grip of the Klipa is in the Zivug of ZON and the Zivug stops.

329) But during the exile, ZON is not in a never-ending Zivug, but only when Israel are in their land and the Temple exists. However, it is written, “Nor his seed begging bread.” The seed comes out only when the Nukva is in a Zivug with the male. In other words, the text does not speak of the righteous himself, but of his seed, which is necessarily during the Zivug and not during the exile. It is written, “Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken.” But is this not about the righteous himself when the righteous is forsaken during the exile and has no Zivug with the Nukva?

330) Indeed, during the exile, too, he grips above, in ZA. He never leaves ZA, which is why the text says, “Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken,” even during the exile. At another time, when the Temple existed, the righteous is not forsaken from the Nukva, too, for then he grips above, in ZA, and grips below, in Nukva. It turns out that during the exile he grips above, in ZA, and at another time, he grips to both sides, above and below, in ZA and Nukva. But either way, he is never forsaken.

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