Jacob’s Embalming

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853) When Jacob entered the cave, all the smells in the Garden of Eden were in the cave, and there was light in the cave, since a candle was burning there. When the patriarchs came to Jacob, to Egypt, to be with him, the candlelight departed from the cave. When Jacob came into the cave, the candle returned to it and the cave was completed with everything it should.

854) Through all the days of the world, the cave did not receive another person, nor will it receive. After their demise, the souls of the righteous pass inside the cave before the fathers so they will awaken and see the seed that they left in the world, and will rejoice before the Creator.

855) What was the embalming of Jacob? It is written, “And Joseph commanded his servants the physicians to embalm his father, and the physicians embalmed Israel.” Is it possible that this embalming was as the embalming of the rest of the people? Is it because of the way—that they had to delay him—that they did it? Yet, it is written, “And Joseph died … and he was embalmed and placed inside a coffin in Egypt.” Even though they did not go on the road with him, for he was buried there, they embalmed him.

856) The conduct of kings is that to keep the body from rotting, they are embalmed in the anointing oil, the highest of all the oils, mixed with perfumes. That good oil is absorbed in the body day by day for forty days. After this is through, the body persists for many days.

857) Because this entire land of Canaan and the whole of the land of Egypt consume the body and decay it more quickly than all other lands, it is practiced so as to keep the body. This embalming is performed in the interior of the body and in the exterior, since this oil is placed on the navel and enters the insides of the body through the navel, being swallowed in his intestines, sustaining the body for many days.

858) So was Jacob in the persistence of the body, and so it should be, since it is a body of the patriarchs, and the patriarchs are HG, two hands, and Tifferet, the body, and this was in the keeping of the soul and the body. Joseph is like the body, since Joseph is a covenant, and the covenant and the body are one in the keeping of the body and the soul. It is written about the keeping of the body, “And he was embalmed.” It is written about the persistence of the soul, “And [he was] placed inside a coffin in Egypt.” The meaning of the upper coffin, the Nukva, is that his soul was connected to there.

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