Jerusalem that Is Built

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98) David wished to build the house, as it is written, “Now it was in the heart of David…” Afterwards, it is written, “nevertheless you will not build the house.” All of Israel knew that, and were saying, “When will David die and his son Solomon will rise and build the house?” And then, “Our feet are standing at your gates, O Jerusalem,” for then we will go up and sacrifice offerings.

99) And although they were saying, “When will this old man die?” I rejoiced and was glad because of my son, since they were saying that my son would rise after me, to complete the commandment and build the house. Then he began and praised Divinity and said, “Jerusalem, that is built as a city that is joined together.”

100) The Creator made Jerusalem below, Nukva, like Jerusalem above, Bina. And one is corrected corresponding to the other, meaning Nukva is corrected in all the corrections that are in Bina, as it is written, “The place, O Lord, which You have made for Your dwelling.” “…that is built,” that the Creator will bring down Jerusalem from above when it is properly built.

“…that is joined together.” It should have said, “were joined,” in plural tense. But ImaBina, joined with her daughter, Nukva, and they became as one. This is why it says, “is,” in singular tense.

101) “There the tribes went up.” Those are the sustenance of the world and the correction of the lower world. But not only the correction of the lower world, but even of the upper world, as it is written, “the tribes of the Lord, as a testimony to Israel.” “…to Israel,” since they are the persistence of the world below, and they are a testimony above, in the upper world, and all is to thank the name of the Lord.

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