And His Brothers Went to Graze

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95) “And his brothers went to graze their father’s flock.” Why does it say the word Et [in Hebrew, “of the.” [This doesn’t appear in the translation]? The word Et is punctuated above, to include Divinity with them, because Divinity is called Et. Divinity was with them because they were ten—since Joseph was not with them and little Benjamin was at home—and wherever there are ten, Divinity is within them. This is why the word Et is punctuated above.

96) Thus, when they sold Joseph, they all partook with Divinity and associated her with them when they took the oath and the boycott to not reveal the act of selling Joseph. And for this reason, until the selling of Joseph was revealed, Divinity was not with Jacob.

97) And should you say that Divinity was not with them, with the tribes, it is written, “There the tribes went up.” Thus, they were all righteous and pious, and the sustenance of all the people in the world, meaning that the whole world existed by their merit—existed above and existed below, the upper worlds and the lower world.

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