My Mother’s Sons Were Angry with Me

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181) “My mother’s sons were angry with me.” “My mother’s sons” are as it is written, “He has cast the earth,” Nukva, “From heaven,” since when the Creator wished to destroy His lower house, the Temple, and exile Israel among the nations, He removed the earth, Nukva, from before Him, and moved away from her. It is written about it, “And his sister stood afar off.” And when the earth was distanced from the heaven above, which is ZA, the earth below, meaning the Temple, was ruined and Israel dispersed among the nations. The assembly of Israel said, “Who caused me that? My mother’s children, ZA and Nukva, who were angry with me and departed from me,” since ZA and Nukva are the children of Bina.

182) Rabbi Yosi was walking along the way with Rabbi Hiya. Rabbi Yosi said, “I see a man in the river, a bird on his head, teeth in the bird’s mouth, and she is eating and trampling with her feet, and that man is yelling.”

183) Rabbi Yosi said, “Let us approach the man and hear what he is saying.” Rabbi Hiya said, “I am afraid to approach.” He told him, “But is it a man in this place? It is the Creator who insinuated to us.” They approached him. They heard him say, “O crown, o crown.” ZA and Nukva are called “crowns.” “Two children,” the children of Bina, “Are outside their place,” meaning ZA “[He] is not resting, and there is no rest” for the Nukva “Until the bird is thrown,” shredded to pieces.

A bird implies to the nations that enslave and torture Israel in the exile. And the man in the river implies to Israel, on whose head the bird stands and eats and tramples him with her feet. He says, “O crown, o crown, two children,” ZA and Nukva, the children of Bina, “Are outside their place.” This is what causes Israel to be in exile, as it is written, “My mother’s sons were angry with me.” ZA “[He] is not resting, and there is no rest” for the Nukva “Until the bird is thrown,” shredded to pieces, until he takes his revenge on that nation.

184) “My mother’s sons were angry with me” refers to ZON, since “I did not keep my own vineyard.”

185) The exile continues; hence, the birds of the sky, meaning the ministers of the nations, are not removed from their office until the government of the idol worshipping nations is removed from the world. And this will be when the day of the Creator arrives and His Dinim awaken in the world, as it is written, “And there shall be one day which shall be known as the Lord’s, neither day nor night.”

186) While they were walking, they heard a voice saying, “The flame of the button,” Malchut, “Has arrived with its judgments.” A flame came out and burned the bird. It is written in Daniel, “In the fourth animal of the four animals,” implying to the nations of the world who enslaved Israel in four exiles, and the fourth animal is the last exile. And it seems that a bird is the fourth animal, as well.

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