Your Covenant with Death Will Be Atoned

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187) The Creator did not appear to Israel except at a time when there was no faith—meaning Divinity—among them, since they have blemished their covenant and Divinity has departed from them. This is so because when faith is taken from them, Divinity separates from ZA above, as well, as it is written, “Your covenant with death will be atoned.” Thus, the keeping of the covenant atones for death, and it would certainly atone for them so they would not be exiled. However, they blemished their covenant and Divinity departed from them.

188) When the Creator evokes His right, death will be swallowed up from the world, as it is written, “And death shall be swallowed up forever.” And this right will awaken only when Israel awaken to cling to the right of the Creator, who is the Torah [law], as it is written, “On His right, a fiery law unto them.” At that time, it is written, “The right hand of the Lord succeeds.” After that, it is written, “I shall not die but live.” Thus, the right revokes the death.

189) That righteous, whom the Creator desires, a herald declares of him for thirty days among the righteous in the Garden of Eden. All the righteous rejoice, and all the righteous come and decorate the place of that righteous until he comes to sit among them.

190) And if he is wicked, a herald declares of him in Hell for thirty days. All the wicked are sad; they all start and say, “Woe, a new Din has now awakened for so and so.” Several litigants approach him, to meet him and say, “Woe,” “Woe unto the wicked; woe unto his neighbor.”

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