Reuben, You Are My Firstborn

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529) “Reuben, you are my firstborn.” Why did Jacob begin the blessings with Reuben and not with Judah? After all, in the journeying of the banners he was travelling before all the camps, and he is a king. Moreover, he blessed Reuben but the blessings departed him until Moses came and prayed for him. Accordingly, it would be better if he began with Judah and would begin with a blessing.

530) However, he certainly blessed Reuben and the blessing rose to its place. There is an allegory about a man who had a son. When his time to depart from the world had come, the king came to him and said, “All my money will be in the hands of the king, kept for my son.” When the king sees that the son is worthy of receiving it, he will give it to him. Similarly, Jacob said to Reuben, “Reuben, you are my firstborn, my beloved, but your blessings will be in the hands of the holy King until he sees that you are worthy of them.”

531) People are so obtuse that they do not know and do not notice the King’s honor. Indeed, the Torah declares about them each day, “And there is none to lend an ear to her.”

532) The wisdom is learned from two commandments: one is to awaken from below upwards, as it is written, “Prophesy to the wind,” since if they do not awaken below first, they do not awaken above. And in the awakening below, there is awakening above. The second commandment is to awaken from above downwards, as it is written, “Prophesy, son of man, and say to the wind.”

533) Even above, in the awakening below, upon raising of MAN, the upper one receives from the one above it. Even in the high degrees the lower one receives from the one above it only through an awakening below. It is written about it, “Thus says the Lord God, ‘Come from the four winds, O wind,” meaning HesedTifferetGevura, and Malchut. The wind comes from the west, Malchut. She joins the others—south, east, and north—which are HGT, to whom Malchut raises MAN, and they connect to her. Thus, in the upper ones, too, there is an awakening from below, raising of MAN.

534) Ruchot [plural of Ruach (wind/spirit)] and Neshamot [plural of Neshama (soul)], come out of Malchut, to be depicted in the people in the world, meaning to receive the form of GAR from them. “And breathe on these slain,” as it is written, “And He breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.”

Malchut receives from that side and gives on the other side. Hence it is as is written, “All the rivers go to the sea, but the sea is not full.” It is not full because it receives and gives, lets in and lets out. This is so because even though Malchut receives from the three sides of ZA—south, north, and east—in the beginning she still receives from the left line, north, and then she has GAR de Hochma. However, it is without Hassadim, hence her lights freeze within her and she cannot shine. Afterwards, when she receives from the middle line, east, the north unites with the south, the lights open, and she shines upon the lower ones. However, then she is diminished from GAR de GAR, due to the middle line, and remains in VAK de GAR.

535) Since the Creator knows that people will die, why bring Neshamot down to the world? Why does He need them? The Creator gives Neshamot that come down to this world to make His glory known, and then He takes them. Hence, why did they come down?

536) It is written, “Drink water from your cistern and liquids from your well.” A cistern is a place that has no springing of its own. A well springs of its own. Water spring of its own when the Neshama is completed in this world and rises for MAN to Malchut, the place where she was tied. At that time, she is whole on all sides, from below and from above.

537) When the Neshama rises as MAN to Malchut, the craving in the Nukva awakens toward the male, and water spring in Malchut from below upwards. And while she was a cistern, she became a well of flowing water. At that time, there are bonding, unification, craving, and desire, since Malchut was completed in the souls of the righteous, affection and desire awakened above, and ZA and Malchut joined as one.

538) “Reuben, you are my firstborn.” He is Jacob’s first drop, since he never emitted in his sleep and his will was in another place, in Rachel. Reuben and all of the twelve tribes united in Divinity, and when Jacob saw Divinity over him, he called his twelve sons to join her.

539) A complete bed was never more present since the day the world was created as when Jacob wished to depart the world—Abraham to his right, Isaac to his left, Jacob laying between them, and Divinity before him. When Jacob saw it, he called his sons and made them grip around Divinity, and set them up in a complete order.

540) He set them up around Divinity because it is written, “Be gathered,” meaning gather above, around Divinity. And then all the wholeness was there, and several high Merkavot [assemblies/chariots] around them started and said, “To you, O Lord, is the greatness and the might.”

At that time, the sun, Jacob, ZA, assembled with the moon, Nukva, and the east, ZA, drew near to the west, Nukva. It is written about it, “He drew his feet into the bed,” which indicates to the Zivug. And the moon illuminated from him and she was whole.

Jacob did not die. Rather, he mated with Divinity. Since he saw a complete order, that there was no other person, he was glad and praised the Creator and blessed his sons.

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