Serve the Lord with Fear

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414) “Serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling,” and it is written, “Serve the Lord with joy; come before Him with singing.” Anyone who comes to serve the Creator should serve the Creator in the morning and in the evening.

415) In the morning, when the light rises and the awakening of the right side has awakened in the world, which is Hesed, one should connect to the right of the Creator and serve before Him in the work of prayer. This is because a prayer brings power and might above and extends blessings from the upper depth, Bina, to all the upper worlds. From there, it extends blessings to the lower ones. Thus, the upper ones and lower ones are blessed by the work of the prayer.

416) One should perform the work of prayer before the Creator with joy and singing, with Hesed and Gevura, to include the assembly of Israel, Nukva, between them, and then to unite the unification in ZA, as it is written, “Know that the Lord He is God.” This is the unification in the work.

417) And yet, one should serve the Creator with joy and show gladness in His work. And those two, joy and singing, are opposite two offerings a day—joy in the morning and singing in the evening. It is written about that, “The one lamb you shall offer in the morning and the other lamb you shall offer at twilight.”

418) Hence, the evening prayer is optional, since at that time, she gives prey to all the armies and it is not time to be blessed, but to give nourishments. In the day, she is blessed by both sides—HG in the morning and in the evening, out of joy and singing—and in the night she dispenses the blessings to all, as it should be. It is written about it, “She rises while it is still night and gives prey to her household.”

(înapoi la pagina ZOHAR CUPRINS / VAYECHI – click)

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